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Now that Spring has finally arrived, temperatures are warming. The valley has begun to blossom with new life springing up everywhere! While it grows warmer by the day, cool breezes and cloudy days are in abundance! With hibernation at its close, wolves can expect to find more and more prey around Avalon!
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Profile of Pierre

Pierre D'Augusta
Male · 1 year, 6 months · Scarred
ALIAS Leafy [by Fenix] BREED Common gray wolf
A ginger-brown coat with white-cream cheeks and muzzle, and a black face mask going from his nose all the way up the top of his muzzle and around his face. His legs are black just like his face mask, going halfway up before abruptly going back over in his normal russet colored coat. His eyes are amber.
Average in size and build, with slightly longer legs and a round face and average sized ears with rounded tips. His face is covered in scars. His left eye has a little crack in it if you look at it from a certain angle, when the light falls on it. The scars he got from a fight; his eye was wounded during the fight, but managed to heal. He can still see, but now and then the view in his left eye gets blurred, making movements or events like hunting a bit uneasy for him. It's easier for him to trip over things, now.

A sweet and rather reserved wolf, but definitely kind and helpful. Not afraid to talk to others, although he sometimes needs some time for himself. Would rather not stand in the spotlights, but he would take responsibility if needed. A good soul, but cannot always deal under stress. A little bit is fine, but if it becomes too much he might break. Although still very young, experience has made him a respectful and grown up wolf, always thinking before acting, trying to plan and make the best decisions. He doesn't shy away from asking others for opinions, though. Other's opinions matter more to him than his own.
Others lives also matter more to him than his own. He used to be scared of water, and not like it much. He used to be extremely shy and quiet and get really anxious when someone's life was in danger and he was the only one around. Now he would jump in the danger without thinking, trying to keep those safe who he cares about.
A hopeless romantic, maybe? He has feelings for his best friend Fenix, and ever since she has disappeared he has worried about her. Maybe a bit too much. He cannot seem to get her out of his head, even though others tell him to move on. He just can't.
When he's not around his family or friends, he automatically worries about them. Especially when he himself is in a sticky situation he tends to worry about others instead of himself. Asking himself questions like ''who's going to tell them I died? They need to know how what happened So they know'' and ''They need to know how what happened to me... that I'm okay.''
Those kind of thoughts.
Born in Wormwood Grove in the valley called Horizon to a lonely mother, Pierre was a Cohort of the Starfall Cadre, a pack living on an island at Cloudmirror Lake. He never met his father, and only knows his name Pierre has changed a lot during his time there; he went from shy and kind but childish to responsible and well behaved, a real adult at serious times of need, though he still has that childish spark inside of him when around family and friends.
At 5 months old his sister Silver Belle disappeared, and was assumed dead after months of not having showed up. She never came back. When he turned seven months old their leader Lyra suddenly vanished, and the Cadre was without a leader. Pierre was afraid to have his family crumble and all apart, and decided to step up as leader. The only one who wanted to actually take on the role. He became Keeper of the Cadre and made his mother Calamity his second hand.
The pack lived in peace for a few more months under Pierre, until a wolf came to harass them and eventually a second time brought along a buddy to start a fight. They fled, but Pierre was badly wounded on his face, giving him nasty scars on places where his fur grows short.
After the fight his best friend Fenix, who he had basically grown up with, disappeared. She had disappeared before, but by now Pierre had developed feelings for her which he finally started to understand. He decided to go look for Fenix, together with Fenix's sister. But they never found her back. The young leader grew depressed and couldn't deal with the stress anymore as a pack's leader. One night he ran away, he fled, leaving his responsibilities behind.
To maybe find Fenix and bring her back home.
To maybe start fresh somewhere else where he would not be judged.

Pierre has changed too much...

[art by Maiyev on Horizon]

Scarred boy
FATHER ... MOTHER Calamity D'Augusta
Older half siblings
Names unknown
Older half siblings II
Ebony (deceased)
Silver Belle (deceased)
Younger half siblings (will be born early spring)
Fenix (best friend and crush), Charcoal

[ISFJ-T, the Defender]

[art by Wynter on Horizon]
SEXUALITY Heterosexual?
Horizon, Wormwood Grove

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