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June 2: Wolves of Avalon is currently a dead roleplay site. Members are still welcome to roleplay if they wish to do so. Remodeling, restructuring and reopening plans are in the works for the foreseaable future.
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November 2: Avalon has been updated to include the new events: Howloween Weekend, Winterfest Gift Exchange and Y1-Y2 Mating Season!

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July 14: Wolf Guide has been updated to include notes on allowance of heterochromatic eyes and the brindle face marking. Mackenzie Valley Wolf has been added to the breed selection of the Wolf Guide as well.

July 13: The Ideas thread has been updated to include most recent suggestions. Avalon Timeline discussion has been posted in "Posts for Thoughts."

July 11: Activity Check has been run. All accounts not logged into before June 1st has been deactivated; all threads ongoing/dead/finished before July 1st have been archived.

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July 2: Summer has finally come to Avalon! Characters that have not already been aged up will now need to manually age one month on profiles. Characters will also have lost their winter coats as well!

June 4: Spirit Week has concluded. Remember to go here to post a claim for the Spirit Week Badge!

June 1: Congratulations, members! We've been chosen as the Site of the Moment for the first time ever on "By Tooth and Claw." Keep up the activity!!

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Profile of Fitz

Fitz 'Qui
Male · 9 months · Woof!
ALIAS Fitzy || Fiz BREED Northern Rocky Mountain
Gone is the solid cream coat he wore as a child and in it's place is the start of his adult coat. The cream has vanished almost altogether, giving way to a deep golden color instead, much like his mother. Along his back, sides and face, patches of medium brown and russet markings are beginning to form, though they still have a little darkening to go for his adult coat. His rich golden eyes have all but vanished as well, transforming into a beautiful amber hue, though golden flecks can still be seen from time to time in the right light.

Still retaining some of his puppy fat, Fitz is growing into a tall but lean male. As time continues Fitz's fur will continue to darken, growing into a rich golden color with medium brown and russet markings. His eyes will darken into a solid amber color and he will grow taller and gangly, much like his mother.

Fitz is a curious and observant wolf, very communicative and often voices his thoughts. He is an energetic and enthusiastic wolf, feeding off social interactions and is very friendly. However, the young boy still enjoys relaxing with his family or those he's closest to. He is openly welcoming and always takes up when someone suggests an adventure.

Fitz, though friendly and full of desire to have fun, is not too much of a risk taker. He isn't careless and rash, and definitely not the type to go on a rampage and try to take over the whole valley. He likes to act silly and goofy and loves to make those around him smile, but is also slowly learning how to be serious when needed.

Fitz was born alongside his litter-mates Eli and Abilene to Eastern Sun Coalition Eminence and Luminary Rowan and Tala 'Qui, and born a week previous to the births of his cousins. Before he was born, his parents had four older children the year previous. His paternal aunt is also a large influence in his life.

When Fitz was only a few months old he began to grow ill. It started slow at first, feeling tired quicker and random dizzy spells and he mostly kept the feelings to himself, not wanting to worry his family. It wasn't until he passed out while playing one day that his family even knew something was wrong with him. Slowly he began to grow weaker and nobody knew what was wrong with him. As such, he was kept in the dens more often than not and a close eye was kept on him.

Slowly, Fitz could feel his body giving up and he was afraid that he would die. He went on one last adventure without telling anyone and worried his parents sick, but during that adventure he found something odd. A strange plant grew in an oasis near home and, being hungry and likely to die anyhow, Fitz ate it. Returning home, he quickly fell asleep and unknowingly the plant began to work it's magic. Over the next few days he began to feel better, gaining more energy and appetite once again.

His family still kept a close eye on him but over the next few months he began to gain weight again and slowly got back to the cheerful and healthy pup he was before. His mother called it a miracle...he decided to leave it at that, not telling her about the plant he found and ate. Honestly, he'd expected the plant to kill him in his sleep and end his suffering...he couldn't tell his family that though, so it became his secret. Besides, he couldn't show them the plant as winter began and killed off any that remained. Now, at 9 months old, he is determined to make the most out of everyday and live his life to the fullest!

FATHER Rowan 'Qui MOTHER Tala 'Qui
Litter-Mates --
Eli ♂ :: Brother
Abilene ♀ :: Sister

Older Siblings --
Oliver ♂
Diederik ♂
Ida ♀
Xavier ♂

Other Family --
Robin 'Qui :: Aunt
Uma ♀ :: Cousin
Harlow ♂ :: Cousin
Boaz ♂ :: Cousin

MATE "I'm too young for a mate, silly!"
"I'm still a kid myself!"
No Information
ALIGNMENT Neutral Good
BIRTHPLACE Red Stone Oasis; Carmine Sahara; Vale of Avalon

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