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Now that Spring has finally arrived, temperatures are warming. The valley has begun to blossom with new life springing up everywhere! While it grows warmer by the day, cool breezes and cloudy days are in abundance! With hibernation at its close, wolves can expect to find more and more prey around Avalon!
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Profile of Tunglið

Tunglið frá Norðri
Male · 5Y 06M · Rogue

Tunglið is the child which mostly resembles his father, only he lacks his father's mane, hunched spine, and mange-scarred hide.

His fur is a strong, medium grey marked with silver and dusk along his back and tail. His legs and underbelly are naturally a lighter shade of grey, while his face is splashed with inky black. He stands tall and proud just slightly above average, weighing with hefty muscle. Various scars weave through his fur, some visible and some not. His eyes are a vibrant flash of colour against the otherwise monochrome spread across his pelt as the typical frá Norðri ice blue.

Quiet + Observant: Tunglið would rather stand by and observe than participate in any kind of group affair. He isn't a particularly outgoing creature and tends to enjoy the silence over conversation; he feels the easiest way to get to know someone is to sit in silence with them. One may realize that, while he is generally disinterested in others, on the rare occasion anyone can get a good conversation out of him, he prefers a conversation with substance.

Tactical + Cunning: A highly intelligent creature, Tunglið is guilty of contriving schemes and plans in order to accomplish his goals, and he isn't above going behind other peoples' backs to do it. However, Tunglið always ensures that he is "transparent" about his goals and while maintaining his law-abiding conduct, may tell a white lie or secretly skirt around the rules in order to succeed. His poker face is absolutely unbreakable.

Highly Aware + Adept at Social Cues: Perhaps as a side effect of his observant, scheming nature, Tunglið is skilled at reading the body language of others and interpreting meanings behind their words. He is quick to pick up on verbal and physical cues, which makes him a keen fighter. He tends to catch changes in his environment almost immediately.

Morally Grey + Obedient: Though Tunglið has always been jealous of his empowered siblings, he has grown up obeying their laws and serving them, and despite all that has happened, can't help but be fiercely loyal to the frá Norðri lineage. He lacks morals and generally acts on the commands of his peers. Tunglið has tormented and murdered his foes without remorse, but also shown compassion and mercy at the suggestion of his brother. He has done such cruelty that nothing seems to faze him anymore. The only instance of disobedience was due to the love he felt for his wife, but he has since learned the repercussions of disobedience, and vows not to make the same mistake to whomever he pledges himself to next.

Emotionally Estranged: Having had the only wolf he ever loved cruelly ripped away from him, Tunglið finds it difficult to consolidate his emotions anymore. He fears letting love into his heart again and is prone to shutting others out and denying his feelings. The only time his morals and obedience may waver is in the face of someone he cares about - it is one of the few indicators of his feelings.

Born in the earliest month of spring, Tunglið came into the world alongside his brother Njála and sister Róa. He was only raised the first few months of his life by his intimidating father Sjóskrim, the Alpha of the icy pack of Regieren, and his cunning mother Evangeline, but in those few short months had learned much of what it meant to be a frá Norðri. A creature of the icy ocean. Early on, Tunglið became highly aware of the pecking order of his family: his eldest sister Vigdís and his brother Njála were viewed as his father's heirs and thus raised as leaders, inspiring a breed of jealous that may never rest in him.

In the middle of summer, his parents were attacked by a shark while treading the ocean, tragically dying far from home. However, this inspired a belief in them that the frá Norðri family was destined to be returned to the ocean after death, a belief that brought them comfort. As the pack grieved the loss of their leaders, Vigdís made the decision to appoint the pack's Beta, Kuu, as their new Alpha until she was ready to lead, marking the first occasion Tunglið opposed his sister's decision. The sudden lack of their parents made it easy for Tunglið to quickly develop his own harsh world views, believing that Njála, as the son of Regieren's current leaders (and not the child of an outcast, like Vigdís) should be designated Regieren's heir. While the pack's denmothers attempted to raise the orphaned frá Norðri litter, Tunglið's independence made it difficult for him to accept anybody else as his guardians.

During his youth he butted heads with his siblings often, striving to prove himself to his peers while following in his father's footsteps. He was driven by the rumors and stories of all that he'd done and felt like he had to meet his expectations, being the one to look most like him - and wondering why, despite his resemblance to his father, he was not chosen to follow in his footsteps and lead. His combative behavior eventually caused rifts to form between himself and Vigdís and Njála, while he developed a protective favor for his sister Róa.

At a year old, Tunglið observed an explosive disagreement between Vigdís and Njála, resulting in his older sister leaving the pack followed shortly after by Sindri and Dádýr, leaving Njála to continue learning how to lead under Kuu's guidance. Though outwardly encouraging of his elder siblings' departure, Tunglið struggled with his guilt and found himself missing them because it meant the only competition he had was Njála, and he had difficulty focusing all of his animosity on his full brother who he once supported.

He finally found distraction in the companionship of a young woman, Ecaron, from the nearby pack of Sovereign who had been captured. Regieren and Sovereign were sworn enemies with a tense non-association agreement, and so when Ecaron was discovered spying on wolves at the Regieren border, Tunglið mercilessly captured her and took her prisoner to appease his brother and packmates. He was assigned to guard and question her, and inevitably found himself surrendering to her sly seductions.

Many months of training to become as vicious a warrior as his father placed Tunglið within the ranks of the Elite Guard then, at the age of three years, the rank of Captain while his brother ascended to the rank of Alpha in the wake of Kuu's death. Tunglið served his pack diligently, quietly simmering over his jealousy, but loyally obeying his word and protecting his packmates while resisting the attraction he felt for Ecaron. Finally, in the summer of his third year, Tunglið took Ecaron as his wife and they planned to conceive. His happiness would not last long for by the time autumn arrived, Ecaron had vanished, leaving Tunglið heartbroken.

Word later arrived - thanks to their own spies - that come winter, Sovereign was planning to send a boy to another of Regieren's enemies, Arkhein, to form an alliance. Regieren's council quickly decided they needed to intervene and sent Tunglið to hunt the boy. However, Tunglið's journey met an impediment when he encountered Ecaron, who had set out to stop him, revealing that she left Regieren to return to her home pack and that his target was her younger brother. Tunglið was torn between serving his pack and relenting the wife he loved, but her betrayal left him cold and angry, unable to acquiesce to his true feelings. He clashed with her several times during his quest, but ultimately could not see it through: when he finally succumbed to his love and forfeited the hunt, he allowed the boy to go free and asked Ecaron to forgive him. Unfortunately, Tunglið's disappearance prompted Njála to send another Elite Guard to finish the job and the next day, Tunglið woke to find Ecaron and her brother murdered and himself accused of treachery.

He was promptly returned to Regieren where his crimes were laid bare for his packmates to judge him and determine his fate. Unable to sentence his brother to execution, Njála held mercy and sentenced him to exile instead. Tunglið was cast away from Regieren and told never to return.

He spent weeks traveling in search of his older siblings and, in the spring, tracked them down south to a place called Baja Country where he found Vigdís leading a pack of her own. Tunglið was surprised to find his sister had started a family as well, and only briefly met his nieces and nephews; despite his sister's invitation to join them, Tunglið felt he didn't belong and headed north again.

Tunglið traveled on his own for a year and a half, struggling to find inner peace while vengeance against his brother remained, slowly poisoning him. He eventually found himself at the mountains of the vale of Avalon, unsure of where fate may take him from there.

Arrives in Avalon during Early Autumn, AYI. (Read his thread log for history since then.)

Go back in time and visit Regieren!
the things you swore
FATHER Sjóskrim frá Norðri † MOTHER Evangeline frá Norðri †
Róa frá Norðri — Sister
Njála frá Norðri — Brother

Vigdís frá Norðri — Older Sister (by Aroon)
Sindri frá Norðri — Older Sister (by Aroon)
Dádýr frá Norðri — Older Brother (by Aroon)

Ari frá Norðri — Eldest Brother (by Hephzibah)
Eyvindur frá Norðri — Eldest Brother (by Hephzibah)
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Earth - Sleeping At Last

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but i put it out of my mind
long enough to call it courage

SEXUALITY Heterosexual
ALIGNMENT Lawful Neutral
BIRTHPLACE Ice Chasms (Regieren)

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