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Profile of Vegas

Vegas Montgomery
Female · 5.5 years · Inactive
ALIAS Vee / Vega BREED Great Plains
Vegas is actually quite the beautiful wolf, though you don't have to tell her that. With a base coat of silver, she bears a striking resemblance to her father. And yet, she has interspersed flecks of black and white peppered across her body, setting her apart from the man she despises. Black covers her ears and litters her nose quite perfectly.

Striking amber eyes seem to stare right through you, unlocking all of your inner secrets and fears. This is heightened by the abnormal shape of her left brow, arching downwards slightly to give her an almost angry look at all times. With a tall, lean body, it's no secret that Vegas is in peak condition. Muscles seem to ripple beneath her fur and yet they are often hidden from the outside world due to her lean frame.

To most, Vegas seems to be a serious, stoic individual with a chip on her shoulder and a heart of ice. She prides herself in being superior to all others and will just as soon slaughter someone as she would help them. This is especially true when concerning men and she often goes out of her way to prove her worth.

Revenge is ingrained in every fiber of her being and often is the sole motivator for much that she does. She is on a mission to hurt those that hurt her, in the worst way imaginable, and as such is willing to do anything to achieve that goal. On the top of her list is her father, followed closely by her brother.

Deep down, Vegas is actually quite insecure and worries that she is not good enough. She battles these insecurities daily by striving to be superior to all she meets. Still, part of her longs for acceptance and to feel valued and wanted. Due to this insecurity, she finds it hard to settle down and is constantly pushing herself to achieve greater things to prove to herself that she isn't worthless. She often dreams of the day that she can settle down and be happy and content.

Despite all of her issues, she is actually a very loving and caring individual, even if she has trouble showing it. The few who have seen this side of her have encouraged her to show it more often, but she worries that others will see her as weak for being compassionate. Her greatest strength has slowly become her mate and children, though they have also become her greatest weakness. She has a soft spot for them and for pups in general, especially the underdog. She has been known to go out of her way to help those considered weak because she can relate to them.

Born to Rephaim and Eve Montgomery, Vegas' story began with tragedy that has slowly shaped her into the woman that she is today. Second born, behind her brother Memphis, Vegas was small and sickly. Due to this, her father took her brother and abandoned her mother and herself in the wilds to die alone. Luckily, for both of them, a patrol from a neighboring pack came across them and took the two women back to their pack. There, the two were cared for and slowly nursed back to health.

As a pup, Vegas struggled with insecurity much earlier than most. She was ostracized by the other pups in the pack and was often teased about being weak and not good enough. More than once they picked on her because her father left her to die and very quickly she began to despise the man because of this. Her only companion was another pup by the name of Joel. Joel's sister was stillborn and his father died in a hunting accident shortly after he was born. Due to this, the other pups called him cursed and often picked on him as well. Thankfully for both of them, however, Vegas saw a comradeship in his situation and the two became fast friends.

Growing up in the pack, Vegas slowly became bitter towards the other wolves, minus Joel, and very quickly set her sights on becoming the best fighter the pack had ever seen. Tired of being picked on, she realized that if she was the best warrior, nobody would dare pick on her or Joel ever again, for fear of her beating them up. Thankfully, fighting was in her blood and she was a quick study, realizing very quickly that fighting came natural to her. Slowly, when the other pups picked on her and Joel, she began to fight back and over time they began to avoid her. The bullying was ended but instead of respecting her, the others cut off all contact with her...which was almost worse than being bullied. At least before they spoke to her, now it was like she didn't even exist which only served to anger her more.

One day, when she was about 8 months, her and one of the alpha's boys got into a fight. Caught in the middle of the scrap, by the alpha himself, the pups were separated and while her aptitude as a warrior was noted, she was taken to her mother for punishment. Fighting among themselves in such a manner was viewed as detrimental to the pack and both adults hoped to stop that behavior quickly. Vegas was punished and then her mother sat her down to tell her a story. That day, Vegas learned that her father was also a fierce warrior and was told that people hated him because of how mean he was to others.

The story was meant to inspire kindness in the child, since her mother knew the girl despised her father for abandoning them. Instead, it gave the girl a link to her father...something to strive for to prove herself to her father. If she could become the best warrior ever, her father would be forced to admit he was wrong and want her as his daughter. And then she could leave him like he did her...hurt him the same way he hurt her. Inspired, the girl went to the lead warrior and asked him to train her, promising she would stop fighting the others of the pack as payment. And thus, she became his pupil, learning to fight properly.

Over the next two years, Vegas trained and slowly became one of the best warriors in the pack. One day, the alpha announced the lead warrior was growing old and the pack was looking for his replacement. Trials would be held to determine his successor and Vegas instantly entered. Slowly, she was beginning to see the pack as her family and wanted to earn their respect and adoration, just as she wanted to do with her father. The trials commenced and Vegas was easily completing them. Before she knew it, she was one of the three finalists and would be competing in one final trial to decide the winner.

Excited, she was out for a walk with Joel the night before the competition and the two overheard the alpha and lead warrior speaking. They were talking about the trials and finalists and Vegas listened intently for their thoughts on her. They spoke of her drive and determination and how, truly, she was the best candidate. And then, they spoke of how even if she won, they would pick one of the other two as successor. They were concerned that she wasn't mature enough for the role yet but all Vegas heard was the girl wasn't good enough, pick one of the boys. Angered, she attacked the other two boys that night and then dropped out of the competition.

She withdrew emotionally from the pack that night and her shell began to form, blocking all except Joel out of her life. Still, she continued to fight and despite multiple punishments, refused to stop attacking the men of the pack. The pack was considering kicking her out as she was even becoming hateful towards her own mother when she went into her first heat. In her heightened emotional state, she broke down to Joel one night. Relishing in their companionship once again, the two decided to become mates and after a few days conceived their first and only litter.

As spring rolled around, Vegas found herself pregnant and the pack unwilling to exile a soon to be mother along with their lead hunter. Days turned to weeks and before she knew it, Vegas gave birth to three little balls of joy. Two boys, Ralph and Waldo and her little girl, Holly. For a time, Vegas seemed content, happy even and the pack slowly began discussing her future once more. Giving her a second chance, Vegas was allowed to stay in the pack on a trial basis. As long as she remained pleasant, she could stay with the pack and take up the role of warrior once more.

Vegas tried to pretend to be something she wasn't for just over a year before she began to accept that this life was not the one she was destined for. She still desired to prove her worth to her father and hurt both he and her brother for all they had done to her. At four and a half years of age, Vegas said goodbye to her mate and children and picked a fight with the alpha. Attacking his mate, Vegas found herself exiled and any chance of returning to that life ripped away from her, as was her plan. She couldn't allow herself a chance to return and ruin her families life ever again. Angry and brokenhearted, Vegas ran from her home and into the wilds, seeking out her father and brother.

As she steps foot into Avalon, one thing remains clear on her mind. Finding the two who ruined her life from day one and making them pay for all she has lost.

FATHER Rephaim Montgomery MOTHER Eve Montgomery
Memphis Montgomery - ♂
MATE Joel ♂
w/ Joel-
Ralph - ♂
Waldo - ♂
Holly - ♀
Eve Montgomery - You're my mother and the one who raised me. I love you dearly and yet you are still so weak and pathetic. You stuck by me all these years, but was it out of love or survival?
I have no friends...friends make you weak.
Rephaim Montgomery - Leave me alone in the wilderness to die? I'm stronger than you ever imagined father and one day I'll prove to you that you made a mistake in underestimating me.
Memphis Montgomery - I don't know how to feel about you. On the one hand, I hate you because our father picked you to live and left me to die. I hate you even more for never coming to look for mom or I. But on the other hand, you're my brother and you were just a pup when father picked you. You didn't ask to be picked or for me to be left. Perhaps once we meet I can make a better decision about you...or perhaps I'll kill you?
Sister-in-law -- Josalyn Montgomery ♀ (Unknown) Niece -- Serafina Montgomery ♀ (Unknown) Nephew -- Thaddeus Montgomery ♂ (Unknown)

Siblings from Rephaim -- 17 (Unknown)

ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral

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