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Profile of Lárus

Lárus Sigurðr frá Norðri
Male · 4 Years · Toxinologist
ALIAS Blackbird BREED Mixed

** Pup Ref but good as a color ref. **

He has a moderate build, but due to his lack of interest in physical combat or finesse, does not have much of a muscular tone. Instead, he has a more lean and agile cut. He has grown to be as tall as most male wolves but is not anything extraordinary in terms of bodily appearance. He often slinks and avoids eye contact, and is very much submissive in posture. His fur is a mix of grays with some darker gray and black patterns, and black peppering in the darkest areas of his gray. The grey is darkest along his neck where his family-name mane sticks up like a stiff, rough tuft of fur.

His eyes are a bright spring color, hovering between yellow or toxic green depending on the light they're viewed in. It's important to note what they are watching. As he ages, it will be unclear what he may be thinking of doing next.
hemophobiafear of blood ; severe.
reactions include vomiting and fainting.
skewed moral compass. no preference for right or wrong.
generally leans on the side of wrong.
& fauna
an aspiring medic on the outside, he only treats Siberian.
a blooming toxinologist on the inside, he's a practiced assassin by trade. this is his hobby and passion.
Joke time! You won't know he's a toxinologist, probably. You couldn't. But if you come to him for medical treatment and he agrees to help you, try not to make the joke, "This won't kill me, right?" If you do and he gives you a hard stare, a hard and hungry stare, leave. Quickly. It's good advice.
sigurðrmeans victory, guardian. (gungnir gave him this name)
was a norse legend who could talk to birds.
indifferentpassive, submissive in nature; hates bloodshed.
may or may not aid one in need. compensation?
assassinkills or captures targets with poisons
nothing is below him; he has no moral standard

*Some backstory/back-personality because it influences who he is now.

Adult Personality:
As he grew past his first year of life, Lárus began to truly understand the importance of sparring. Where he had thought it was a chore, he now realized it was vital for life, especially life within Iseldur. Though now slightly behind his siblings in terms of fighting finesse, he has found himself much more prone to the quick and quiet assassination-like style of fighting. He has even spoken with his mother Constance about different poisons and vital body areas, quickly picking up potent mixtures that he could use to fool a target into eating since he didn’t want to get his own jaws bloody. Where Siberian has distanced herself from Constance in terms of a mother-daughter relationship, Lárus fully respects his mother’s method of raising her personal children. The growing man understands her favoritism and does not judge her for it. He respects her knowledge and aims to learn more from her.

Lárus is closest to his sister Siberian though has grown to be protective of all of his siblings and his mothers, as well as the Iseldur wolves as a whole. He still spends more time with his sister than the others, especially since it has become apparent to him that she does not openly commit herself to friendships and seems to have trust issues. He is extremely cautious of her relationship with others and does not shy away from being openly nosy about her (limited) personal life. Lárus himself is greatly asexual, viewing others as merely his comrades and nothing more. He is not attracted to males or females but respects them both as equals. It is unlikely Lárus will form any sort of lover-like relationship in his life, though he is a very loyal friend (to those brave enough to trust him) and will not feel awkward by forming deep, personal relationships with either males or females. It is also unlikely that his friend pool will be large. Aside from Siberian and his other family, he will likely only have a few very close, very trusted friends.

The older he becomes, the more indifferent he will be about others. His morals will slack and he will not question things as much, such as why he was sent to deal with a target or who they even were. Years of assassination and poisonous experiments on smaller prey will drive him farther from good intentions and rather just lead him on a road of “getting the job done.” Unlike Siberian and his other siblings, Lárus was never interested in taking on a leadership role and has fallen easily into that of one who takes orders rather than one who gives them. He works best alone or in pairs, especially if his target is particularly skittish or prone to escaping.

Though still quiet and reserved, he will engage in conversation if spoken to but is now much more selective of whom he confides in, sticking mostly to speaking with Siberian or even sometimes Vigdis when still around her (he and his sister have since left Iseldur). If he has any close or personal friends, even they may be alienated the older he gets. He keeps up some surface level conversation and greetings/goodbyes, though generally only with Siberian and still weary of strangers. He will likely grow better with herbs and has learned many healing techniques, though still focuses on assassination and poison like his mother Constance. Because of this, it will be the only ‘bond’ they share as he ages and becomes less reliant on sociable relationships - though will always respect and remember her as his mother. If he ever sees her in the future, it will likely be a very formal and curt reunion.

He travels only with his sister, Siberian. She is the only creature who he can stomach blood for and the only wolf he will treat medically, despite his growing knowledge in the profession. Everything he learns from others is for Siberian's sake. Otherwise, his main profession is still dealing with poisons and their effect on living creatures, especially quiet deaths. He is morally very neutral but questionable at times, favoring a chaotic side.

Pup-Yearling (Personality/History Mix)
Rather laid back, Lárus does not mind being pushed around by his sister Siberian, but does hold his own against his other siblings. Often, he lets Siberian win during play fights though can drag the duel out for quite some time. Though not outwardly aggressive like his sister, when it comes to her, the young boy does have a bit of a short fuse; not toward Siberian, but rather to those who choose to oppose her or bully her, despite her own bully-like nature. This is not to say he is not protective of his other siblings, but rather cherishes Siberian’s fragile ego and dotes on her quite often where their mother Constance does not. Lárus is quiet and generally reserved but responds when spoken to, rapidly engaging in conversation with his siblings though not so much with strangers.

He is not an aggressive pup and, despite Constance’s nature and training, does not fully commit to spars with his siblings unless it is Siberian. He enjoys watching her try hard and also enjoys the accomplishment she expresses when she ‘wins’ the spar. Even so, the boy has come to notice that Constance does not praise them for winning as much as she praises their other siblings. Because of this is mostly why Lárus prefers Siberian to win, for he knows the praise means more to her than it does to him. The boy does not mind being skipped for praise or even being scolded for not trying hard enough; as he gets older, he knows it is inevitable he will never “be as great” as his siblings, according to Constance, and thus does not put a lot of effort into trying to please her if she will not be pleased.

During this young age, it became apparent to Constance and the others that Lárus had a poor reaction to blood. When he was much younger and it was harder for him to control how he reacted to many things, he would throw up or pass out at the sight and/or smell of blood, depending on the amount and who or what it was on. Seen as a flaw in Vigdis's eyes, Constance began to cultivate the idea of teaching Lárus herbs while the rest of the children would continue to learn physical finesse. It would wait, however, until he was older.

Because Constance is hard on them, he rushes to fulfill her every command, very aware that the process is tough due to their duty as the alpha’s heirs; this is only irrelevant during spars, where he knows he will be ignored or scolded either way for his lack of interest. As he ages, he notices that Siberian dislikes this sort of tough-love philosophy and tries to spend more and more time with her, particularly on days where Constance could be seen as cold or distant to his sister. Lárus is greatly indifferent to the treatment, only assuming that choosing to raise them that way would only prepare them for their future of leadership should either he or his sister be chosen over their other siblings. He appreciates both of his mothers for what they have done, for where Constance had been tough on their early life, Vigdis had shown a larger amount of unbiased compassion for all of the children.

Leaving Iseldur / Traveling (2-3yrs Age)
Having mastered the flora (and few fauna) in their homeland, Lárus was becoming bored with his constant life and lack of dynamic twists. He was becoming cruel with his kills and cold in his intentions. Constance suggested he journey and master different flora, and maybe discover new fauna he could add to his used collection. Locally, he only had certain amphibious creatures, snakes, scorpions, and spiders; but what might be waiting for him elsewhere? Constance had noticed he had a liking for working with his small animals, though why, she couldn't fathom. They usually all died anyway.

Lárus agreed to go on this journey, though he didn't see it the way his mothers did: that he was being sent away to protect the rest of them from his growing boredom. A curt pack gathering to send him off, and he'd have been on his way if not for his sister raining down on him aggressively. If he was going, she was going, because she was the leader. Lárus never had any qualms about this statement and remained below her while she stood over him at the Iseldur borders, all roughed up and staring back at their family. Their mothers must have agreed (not that he could see from his position), because Siberian stepped aside and kicked him in the ribs with an order to get up.

And so they were off! Siberian leading the charge with her tail high and mighty, Lárus slinking behind her wondering what he might learn.
FATHER Gungnir the Strong MOTHER Constance
Sæberýn frá Norðri — Sister (Full)
Solveig frá Norðri — Sister (Non-Biological)
Grimur frá Norðri — Brother (Non-Biological)
Elska frá Norðri — Sister (Non-Biological)
Josalyn ♀ — Keeper of Dawnmire Rescue
+ Healing Mentor
+ Highly Valued
+ Status: Protected
Siberian ♀ — Sister

Constance ♀ — Mother
Vigdis ♀ — Mother
Let's hope not.
"Dawnmire Rescue"
— Josalyn's pack at Lichen Lagoon
Lárus comes from a group of mixed siblings with different fathers raised by two mothers. Though never told who of his siblings were born to which mother, they eventually figured it out by scent and common sense as they aged. In addition to having many siblings, Lárus belongs to the powerful frá Norðri lineage which contains many members. Unlike his sister who plans to further the lineage, Lárus is only along for the ride, going where Siberian goes and helping as needed.

Vigdís frá Norðri — Mother
Seraphim Virtue — Sperm Donor (Never Met)
Solveig ♀, Grimur ♂, Elska ♀

Constance — Modir
Gungnir the Strong — Distant Paternal Figure
Sæberýn ♀, Lárus ♂

Ari frá Norðri — Uncle
Eyvindur frá Norðri — Uncle

Sindri frá Norðri — Aunt (Vigdís' littermate)
Dádýr frá Norðri — Uncle (Vigdís' littermate)

Róa frá Norðri — Aunt
Njála frá Norðri — Uncle
Tunglið frá Norðri — Uncle

Sjóskrim frá Norðri — Grandfather
Evangeline frá Norðri — Step-Grandmother
Aroon — Grandmother (Disgraced)

Constance has never mentioned her family. All Lárus knows is from something Vigdís once told them: that Constance, in her youth, had accidentally poisoned and killed her own sister, Astrid. During lessons, Constance was always very diligent when reminding Lárus how important it was to be careful with his use of substances and how serious the consequences could be if he used something incorrectly.

He never directly asked Constance about the death of Astrid, but took her words to heart because even now, he couldn't imagine accidentally poisoning Siberian when intending to help her. It is the drive behind his growing need to discover more medicinal remedies, even if it means seeking out more practiced healers to mentor him.

SEXUALITY Asexual / Demisexual
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral
BIRTHPLACE Perca del Diablo (Iseldur)

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