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Gyllian, Madison and CJ.

Lindsey and Annakah.
Avalon's Current Season
Early Spring; AY2

Adega is a pack that has been around in one form or another for many years now. It was one of the original packs of Doctrine, was around for a time on Harbinger and has long been known for producing and training great warriors and guardians. The current incarnation of Adega is lead by a descendant of the original Alpha and uses ranks based around a preserved pack of playing cards he found in an abandoned human village when he was much younger.

The pack has always had a focus on strength and all members are expected to work towards the safety and security of the group as a whole. With an emphasis on defending home, all Adegans of sufficient age and mobility are expected to patrol the borders regularly to make sure that the lands are secure. Because of this, getting in undetected is no easy feat!
Newly founded!
TERRITORY: Violet Grove
♂ 03 ● ♀ 02
00 Births ● 00 Deaths
Medium Blue
"The good of the pack before the good of the individual."
● Any wolf attempting to bring harm to the pack will be dealt with severely.
● Regardless of suit/duty, all Adegans are required to patrol the borders at least once a week.
● Any wolf is welcome in Adgea, but they must behave acceptably, observe the pack laws and not pose a threat to the group.
● Every Adegan must learn to fight, even if only to the degree of competency that they might defend themselves.
● Children, mothers and the elderly are to be protected at all costs.
● Being found on packlands without your card to hand is not acceptable, nor is losing your card. Upon encountering a wolf on or around packlands that you do not recognise, you should ask to see their card as identification. Should they fail to produce said card, an Adegan is expected to assume that they are a trespasser, and either subdue them or call for help.

Equivalent of an Alpha - leader of the pack. Responsible for general decision-making and acceptance of new members into the pack. Maximum of 2 - mated pair.

Second in command. Fills in for Jacks in their absence, generally also responsible for overseeing the rest of the pack and ensuring all duties are being carried out. Maximum of 2.

Leads of duties - considered masters of their craft and are expected to oversee and train members of the pack belonging to their suit. Maximum of four - one of each suit.

Considered experts in their duty. Unlimited spaces.

Considered highly skilled in their duty. Unlimited spaces.

Considered proficient in their duty. Unlimited spaces.

Considered competent in their duty. Unlimited spaces.

Considered intermediately skilled in their duty. Unlimited spaces.

Considered novices in their duty. Unlimited spaces.

Considered beginners in their duty. Generally still relatively new to the pack. Unlimited spaces.

Newcomers to the pack. Will generally be given a card upon acceptance, but rarely some Ones may be unsure on which duty they wish to pursue. In this case, they will stay for a time without a card, but must be accompanied on packlands. Ones tend to be either totally unskilled in their chosen duty, or simply so new that they have not yet proven themselves competent. Unlimited spaces.

Children of the pack. Juviniles may be ranked here up until a year of age or may move up sooner, depending on activity and contribution to the pack. Need not hold a card and duty until 1 year of age, but may choose to do so earlier. Once they reach 5/6 months of age, pups will usually begin training in a duty. Unlimited spaces.


Medics - The healers of the pack. Responsible for tending to the injuries of packmates as well as collected and storing medicinal herbs.
Denmothers - Responsible for taking care of the youngsters of the pack when their parents are not present. While there are no pups present in the pack, denmothers are expected to run an increased number of patrols under the guidance of the lead sentry, or assist the healers with collection of herbs.


Warriors - The frontline fighters of the pack. Day-to-day responsibilities include keeping on top of their own training and seeking out ways to impove. During times of strife, these wolves are the ones who are first into battle to defend the pack.
Guaridians - Shield to the warrior's sword, guardians are indeed fighters but focus on defense rather than offense. Day-to-day duties mirror those of the warrior, but guardians are also often assigned one or two more vulnerable packmates to keep an eye on. They are expected to help to teach these wolves self-defense, and escort them where possible, should they venture off packlands. Their charge should be their priority, duty-wise


Hunters Hunters are... well... the clue's in the name! Hunters are responsible for working with trackers and bringing down prey to feed the pack. They are expected to be involved in pack hunts when they occur, unless they have a very good reason not to be.
Trackers Trackers are responsible for working with the hunters in tracking down prey and identifying the best targets. Their opinions are highly valued in a hunt, and they are expected to be involved in pack hunts when they occur, unless they have a very good reason not to be.


Sentries Sentries are responsible for patrolling the borders and challenging any strangers met there. They are expected to patrol regularly and to ask to see the card of anyone claiming to belong to Adega. They should either be strong and confident enough to chase away suspicious intruders, or willing to call for backup should the need arise. Sentries also play an important role in pack recruitment, as they often meet strangers waiting at the borders to join the pack, and are expected to call for a Jack in this situation.
Diplomats Diplomats forge and maintain relations with other packs in Avalon. They serve as messengers, emissaries and occasionally even spies, should the need arise. They should have a good knowledge of the area and excellent social skills.
Jack: Skuld Maddox ♂ ♣ (guardian)
Ten: - ♂ / ♀
Nine: Siv Maddox ♀ ♥ (medic)
Eight: - ♂ / ♀
Seven: - ♂ / ♀
Six: - ♂ / ♀
Five: Baldr Maddox ♂ ♣ (guardian)
Oberon Ceirycoux ♂ ♦ (diplomat)
Four: - ♂ / ♀
Three: - ♂ / ♀
Two: Arnou Lupus ♀ ♣ (warrior)
One: - ♂ / ♀
Pups: - ♂ / ♀
Skuld O'Shanter Maddox ♂
Late Summer AY1 - Current