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Gyllian, Madison and CJ.

Lindsey and Annakah.
Avalon's Current Season
Early Spring; AY2

A long, tolling pilgrimage brought four wandering souls into a lonesome and quiet forest. There, in the heart of the pines, they discovered an isolated eden that promised them everything they had ever hoped for: safety, comfort, and familiarity in unexpected ways as a family brought together by grief. Josalyn, pregnant with the beginning of a new lineage; Memphis, a vagabond searching for his final home; Icarus, a child who's lost everything he's ever known; and Alaster, a loving, loyal companion who seeks only to do good in the world. Together, they chose to wait out the winter here in this place that has rescued them from the dangers of the world, only to discover their love for this place has bound them together permanently. Now they seek to thrive here, and to offer open arms to all other seeking refuge from cruel and unforgiving circumstance. They align themselves as the Dawnmire Rescue, a place of peace, renewal, and growth. A place to begin anew.
Two new puppies were born into the Dawnmire Rescue during Avalon Year One. One of the founding members of the Rescue went missing. A member of the Kept, Ronnie, died of old age, marking the first death since the pack's founding.
TERRITORY: Lichen Lagoon
♂ 05 ● ♀ 03
02 Births ● 1 Deaths
Light Sea Green
"Rest your weary head."
●Your allegiance is not beholden; freedom has no price.
●Honor kindness with cooperation.
●Love and be loved. Hate once, and be forgiven; hate twice, and be hated.

The leader of the Dawnmire Rescue and the Alpha in purest terms. The Keeper is expected to protect all those under their care and facilitate their growth and thriving. They will make the final decisions, coordinate hunts, and determine who is to be welcomed or expelled.

Those who have sworn their allegiance to the Rescue and the Keeper become a Guardian, a wolf who dedicates themselves to the protection of their packmates. Guardians are versatile and serve the pack in which ever way they are most adept, as hunters, sentries, warriors, medics, etc. No one wolf has claim over a single responsibility, but all must contribute to the wellbeing of the pack in some way. They protect the Kept from all outside threats, and are permitted to leave pack territory at any time, but are expected to remain loyal to the Rescue.

The Kept
Lost souls who come in search of respite fall under the Kept. While they are not responsible for protecting or providing for the rest of the pack, they are expected to cooperate and participate in pack affairs. They must make an honest effort to grow and better themselves, and if they display antagonistic behavior towards their packmates, are the quickest to be expelled from the Rescue. Pups, elders, those in need of aid, and those not yet ready to commit themselves to serving the Rescue are ranked as Kept. A member of the Kept may leave the pack at any time (with exception to pups who are under the care of their parents until the age of 6 months, at which point they are given the freedom to leave when they please, or begin training as a Guardian) but must first notify a Guardian or the Keeper.
Keeper: Josalyn Montgomery nee Vedi
Guardians: Memphis Montgomery
Icarus Dusk
Poppy Yahn
The Kept: Darin Yahn
Serafina Montgomery
Thaddeus Montgomery
Josalyn Montgomery nee Vedi ♀
Full Winter AY0 - Current