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Gyllian, Madison and CJ.

Lindsey and Annakah.
Avalon's Current Season
Early Spring; AY2

The Eastern Sun Coalition was the first pack to move into the Avalon Peninsula following the events of the humans. The pack was started by Everett 'Facom and his mate Coria. Together, they bore a litter of four: Samson, Chloe, Amelia and Borhi. The family hunkered down in the Red Stone Oasis while their children grew up. When their children were adults, they set out into the world and brought back their newly-found mates. Together, the ten wolves established the Eastern Sun Coalition. When Spring came, the pack flourished, establishing a dominance in Avalon.

The dynasty was handed down from father to first born son for over seven years. When Samson led the Coalition, he was challenged by Rowan 'Qui with the risk of banishment upon losing. When Samson reigned victorious, Rowan was banished. Following Samson's rule was his first born son, Kobe, who took Willow 'Qui as a mate. Three years past under Kobe's leadership, and Rowan returned to the Oasis with his family in tow. Willow, the Luminary, pardoned her brother of the charges against Samson. A few months passed, and after much of Willow's pleading, Kobe propositioned Rowan with another challenge- battle Samson once more, and Kobe will step down and take Rowan's current rank. He agreed, and in the end, Rowan reigned victorious. He took the status of Eminence, and appointed his mate, Tala, as Luminary.
Once founded, Rowan 'Qui led as Eminence for six months. Feeling though a different role within the pack suited his strengths better than leading, Rowan passed the leadership to his mate and Luminary, Tala. Six new puppies were born into the Eastern Sun Coalition during Avalon Year One. A new wolf, Crow, joined the pack during Late Autumn and became a Pursuant.
FOUNDED: 6 yrs previous to AY1
TERRITORY: Red Stone Oasis
♂ 08 ● ♀ 06
03 Births ● 0 Deaths
Orange Red
"Family and Belonging."
●All members of the coalition are family, regardless of blood ties.
●Roles are strict and awarded based on skills and wolves should not cross ranks.
●Every wolf has a place and no wolf should ever be turned away.

The leader of the Coalition. Responsible for all. Oversees management and maintenance of pack and borders, as well as overseeing the well-being of pack members.

The Second-in-Command. Has equal power to the Eminence, but is less hands on and takes care of the more maintaining of the pack.

Patrollers. Routinely keep borders tight and in check, and deter any threats on the borders.

Hunters. Routinely hunt for the pack and bring it back into the cache. Are responsible for keeping cache up even during harsh weather conditions.

Healers. Has a strong medicinal knowledge and highly practiced. Assists when pack members are ill, injured, or otherwise in need.

Remaining adults of the pack. When ranks are full, they are given day to day tasks that help to assist with the upkeep of the territory or fellow pack members.

Pups age three months to a year. Pupils are trained in the ways of the pack so as to be placed somewhere when they are an adult that best serves the pack.

Newborns to age three months. Too young to take on training.
Eminence: Tala 'Qui
Luminary: none
Convoys: Robin 'Qui
Diederik 'Qui
Ida 'Qui
Pursuants: Oliver 'Qui
Xavier 'Qui
Rowan 'Qui
Crow Vella
Remedials: None
Cousins: None
Pupils: Abilene 'Qui
Fitz 'Qui
Eli 'Qui
Uma 'Qui
Harlow 'Qui
Fitz 'Qui
Progeny: None
Everett 'Facom ♂ :: 2.6 Years
Early Spring AY-6 || Full Winter AY-4

Samson 'Facom ♂ :: 2 Years
Full Winter AY-4 || Full Winter AY-2

Kobe 'Facom ♂ :: 3 Years
AY-2 || AY1

Rowan 'Qui ♂ :: // 6 Months
Full Winter AY1 || Early Summer AY1