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The Wolf Guide has been put together to help clarify what breeds, eye/fur colors, age/lifespan, etc., is acceptable here at Wolves of Avalon! If you see an eye color or fur color, or a breed of wolf, that you want to play but is not listed, please contact Staff! We may even add it to the Guide!

***Avalon does not accept characters to have human clothes, accessories, or shoes.



Note: Avalon welcomes heterochromatic eyes!


We allow all possible fur colors EXCEPT pink, red, green, blue and purple.


Note: If the marking you desire for your character is not shown above, please contact Staff and ask ahead of time!

Other Acceptable Markings Include: Brindle Face.

The breeds marked with * are the only breeds on site allowed to have coyote lineage. Avalon allows for characters to have no more than 25% of coyote in their genes. Characters choosing to have coyote ancestry should be marked as "mixed breed" and not "coywolf" under any circumstance. This inclusion will not change the physical look in markings, fur coloration, eye coloration, heightened senses or special abilities, or your character's size. This character trait should be for the purpose of an interesting character annotation.

MOST COMMON Blue Ridge Mountains are most commonly large to very large wolves, and have a large span of fur color and pattern variations.
CHESAPEAKE BAY WOLF* MOST COMMON Coastal wolves range in size, and can be anywhere from small to very large. Typically their fur is paler in color, coming in gingers, creams, grays and whites.
NEW ENGLAND WOLF* MOST COMMON New England Wolves are typically smaller in size, ranging anywhere from very small to medium. Their fur color is usually paler with darker colored markings.
TIMBER WOLF* COMMON Timber wolves can come in all shapes and sizes, but most commonly, Timber wolves are medium to large in size. Timber wolves can range in color, but most are anywhere between white, to gray, to black.
GREAT PLAINS WOLF COMMON Great Plains wolves are typically anywhere between small to large in size, and have a large span of fur color and pattern variations.
MEXICAN WOLF UNCOMMON Mexican wolves are typically smaller in size, ranging from very small to medium. Mexican wolves are most commonly darker in fur color, coming in various shades of grays, browns, dark reds, browns and blacks.
GREAT LAKES WOLF UNCOMMON Great Lakes wolves are smaller in size, ranging anywhere between very small to medium. Their fur color ranges in color and pattern, but are most commonly are browns, reds, gingers/creams, and grays.
ROCKY MOUNTAIN WOLF UNCOMMON Rocky Mountain Wolves range in size, and can be anywhere from very small to very large in size. Their fur color and pattern can vary anywhere from blacks, browns and grays, to reds, creams and tans.
UNCOMMON Cascade Mountain Wolves are typically small to medium in size. Their fur colors range in color, but are typically lighter with dark markings, although darker pelts are not uncommon in this breed.
ARCTIC WOLF RARE Arctic wolves range in size from small to large. Their fur is typically silver, gray or white in color.
SOUTH AMERICAN WOLF RARE South American wolves range in size, from very small to very large. South American wolves have distinctive patterns, and typically have darker fur colors.
BRITISH COLUMBIA WOLF RARE British Columbia wolves range in size, from very small to very large. They typically have very little distinctive markings, and have lighter/paler fur colors.
HUDSON BAY WOLF RARE Hudson Bay Wolves are most commonly medium to large in size. Typically their fur is paler in color. They are similar to British Columbia wolves in color and pattern.
BANKS ISLAND WOLF RARE Banks Island Wolves can range from small to large in size. Their fur is typically lighter in color, ranging from whites, creams and silvers, to agouti, tans and gingers, Their markings are typically much darker in color.
MACKENZIE VALLEY WOLF RARE Mackenzie Valley Wolves range in sizes small to large. Their fur is typically paler in the dark spectrum of color with whites, creams, silvers, grays and light browns. Their markings, however,
can range in color and shade varying anything from pale ginger to dark black.

VERY SMALL 20 - 23 in. 50 - 70 lbs 4.0 - 4.5 ft.
SMALL 23 - 25 in. 70 - 90 lbs 5.0 - 5.5 ft.
MEDIUM 25 - 30 in. 90 - 110 lbs 5.5 - 6.0 ft.
LARGE 30 - 37 in. 110 - 130 lbs 6.0 - 6.5 ft.
VERY LARGE 37 - 42 in. 130 - 150 lbs 6.5 - 7.0 ft.

[Image: VJc8T0F.gif]
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