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June 2: Wolves of Avalon is currently a dead roleplay site. Members are still welcome to roleplay if they wish to do so. Remodeling, restructuring and reopening plans are in the works for the foreseaable future.
March 2: Puppy Adoptions have been constructed and posted.

February 25: Cleared out and archived all dead IC and OOC threads.

December 27: Staff has reconstructed the Informational into a handy dandy, renovated Guidebook full of all kinds of more in depth explanations!

November 2: Avalon has been updated to include the new events: Howloween Weekend, Winterfest Gift Exchange and Y1-Y2 Mating Season!

September 5: The Member Directory has been updated! If you or one of your characters is missing from the list, please contact a member of Staff!

August 17: There's a advertising competition going on, so why not head over there and check it out! Avalon also now has a discord server, so if you have discord and would like to join, please PM a member of staff for an invitation!

August 15: The Activity Check has been posted. Please post the format for your characters before the close off date to be counted as active!

July 26: The Character Application Format has been restored. New sub-boards have been added: Character Wikipedias and Mood Boards!

July 20: Lindsay and Lea have been made members of Staff, and their accounts have been appointed accordingly both on site and on the chatbox! Remember to congratulate them!

July 15: The Joining Application" has been changed. Going forward, please remember to apply with the newly updated application format.

July 14: Wolf Guide has been updated to include notes on allowance of heterochromatic eyes and the brindle face marking. Mackenzie Valley Wolf has been added to the breed selection of the Wolf Guide as well.

July 13: The Ideas thread has been updated to include most recent suggestions. Avalon Timeline discussion has been posted in "Posts for Thoughts."

July 11: Activity Check has been run. All accounts not logged into before June 1st has been deactivated; all threads ongoing/dead/finished before July 1st have been archived.

July 9: Avalon has gained three new affiliates! Check out those lovely sites below!

July 2: Summer has finally come to Avalon! Characters that have not already been aged up will now need to manually age one month on profiles. Characters will also have lost their winter coats as well!

June 4: Spirit Week has concluded. Remember to go here to post a claim for the Spirit Week Badge!

June 1: Congratulations, members! We've been chosen as the Site of the Moment for the first time ever on "By Tooth and Claw." Keep up the activity!!

May 19: We have updated our character application format! Make sure to review and familiarize yourself with the new format for all future characters!

May 9: Good news! No longer will you have to go into every single account to update your character's age every subseason! Thanks to our lovely site coder, CJ, we have now implemented an automatic age counter! Now your hassle of getting to every character is gone! If you don't like this change, please contact a member of Staff and let us know!!

Apr. 29: Has your account been marked inactive? Please see our Activity Check to find out why and how to reactivate!

Apr. 17: Oddly colored and patterned eggs are popping up all over Avalon! Our Easter Egg Event is here for the week! Check it out here!

Apr. 15: Want to show someone on the site some extra love? Staff has started a Random Compliments thread to share the good vibes! We've also added another affiliate, Their World, to our list! Check them out below!

Apr. 11: Are your threads closed or archived? [HERE] you can find out why, and how to change it if you want/need to!

Apr. 10: The site has not only gained a new member, but also a new affiliate! We have also been placed on two more top sites! Check them out below!

Apr. 04: Pack listings, weather and week have been updated! Puppy adoptions are currently up! A new display page for member achievement badges is up!

Mar. 10: Staff has set up Avalon's first site wide plot! Remember to claim participation to win the Flood Event Badge!

Mar. 8: Staff has updated/customized labels for accounts! There are now new looks to the label for the Vagabonds, Coalition, OOC Accounts, Mods and Admins! Also, the header has undergone some minor changes! At the bottom of the site, Avalon has also added some new affiliates!

Mar. 1: February's OTM results are in! Staff has updated accordingly! Congratulations to Bri, Poppy and Memphis! The Google Party time and date has also been announced!

Feb. 17: The sidebar is now just for the cbox! Things have been moved around so that it makes it less cluttered! More sidebar stuff to come!
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Random Compliments!!
Female · 21 yrs · Site Owner
So this was a thing on an old roleplay site that I was on, and I thought it would be a good way to boost morale around here! Everyone needs some confidence uplifting from time to time, so why not do some here? :D

Have fun! (:

[Image: VJc8T0F.gif]
✧ Tala ✧ Robin ✧ Xavier ✧ Abilene ✧ Eli ✧ Alaster ✧ Memphis ✧ Ferris ✧
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Female · 21 yrs · Site Owner
I was especially inspired by Umber today, as I just popped on to check our ratings on our three top sites. For animas top 50 and by tooth and claw, I noticed our site was doing really well on both!! I also saw that Umber had given Avalon a 10/10 star rating on both top sites, and left very nice comments about us there!! Umber, that was incredibly sweet of you, and it means the world that you did that without saying so to anyone!

I also want to compliment Jeames on her ability to juggle real life and roleplay! It seems life can be a little chaotic for her sometimes, and I think it's super amazing that she brings such amazing characters and atmosphere to Avalon!! I also think she's an amazing Moderator!! :D

Another compliment I want to throw is at CJ who does SO much behind the scenes! Like you guys don't even know. She answers all my silly questions and does her best to help in whatever way possible! You can also thank her for lots of the coding stuff, like the pack listings, the affiliates bar, the badge page, the layout boxes for the pup adoptions, the pack fonts/colors/sortings on profiles, and more! She's done a ton to make the site look super beautiful!

I want to thank Madison for even making the site at all, because it was thrown together last minute when our soft opening site wasn't working out, and she did a BEAUTIFUL job throwing the site together! I love all the features we have and how running it looks similar in code to our original! Our site has lots of it's cool, original base work because of her! And have you SEEN this girl's sandboxes and threadboxes? *fawns over*

I want to compliment Storm for being on like almost every day, just like Jeames! You have such an amazing attitude, and you're so friendly and welcoming! It means so much to me to see you on every day!

Also want to compliment Jut Jut for the smoothest come-back I have ever seen, rolling up under my nose. It's so awesome to have you back on the site, lots of us missed you and I hope you can feel the love. <3

[Image: VJc8T0F.gif]
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✧ Andromeda ✧ Benji ✧ Eclair ✧ Isolde ✧ Sawyer ✧ Chuugi ✧ Juste ✧ Rose ✧

Female · 2.4 · Inactive
This is an amazing idea Gyll!!!!

Also, I would like to bring to everyone's attention how dedicated Gyll is to this site. It's amazing how you are so positive and friendly 24/7. I seriously don't know what WoA would be without you, Gyll. Even though I only joined Avalon a couple of days ago, it is pretty obvious that Gyll is an essential part of the staff and a loved member. Thanks so much for all that you do, Gyll!!!

Female · 3 Years Old · OOC Profile
0 POSTS · PLAYER: Juniper
I felt good today, and decided to give out some compliments. Here they are <3

Storm, you were the first person I met on Avalon, so I just gotta thank you! You were so sweet and kind to me and answered my questions. I don't think I would've know what I was doing! And, still, you are caring and kind and always make my day. You're just so kind! <3

Lindsay, you've helped me find images and even did some photo editing for me! But, aside from that, you make me laugh whenever you tell a joke! You're very generous! <3

CJ, you've solved my coding questions and you certinly are very nice. Your sand boxes and code trackers are SO pretty! I've gotta say, you are really creative! <3

Lea, you've got to be the most caring person in the world! You've helped me and kindly corrected my mistakes. You're really caring! <3

Tumult, I've only just met you and I can already tell you are easygoing, energetic, and enthusiastic. You have this energy about you that just makes people talking with you feel good. You're so easygoing! <3

Everybody, can we give a round of applause to, Gyl? I mean, gyl, you've been dealing with real life problems AND you keep up with threads and posts, like wha?! That right there is impressive, like props to you. You deserve a cookie! You really are hardworking. <3

Madison, thank you. Thank you for making this awesome site so all of us roleplayers can roleplay on it. Like, thank you. Also, you're really funny! You're jokes make me laugh every time! Thank you, and you are super funny. <3

Now, to everyone on Avalon I haven't met. I bet you are as kind, generous, creative, caring, easygoing, hardworking, and funny as all of those I have met. I'd love if you'd introduce me to you, if you ever have the time. <3

<3 I Believe In Fairy Tales <3


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