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Avalon's Current Season
Early Winter; AY1

Full Winter: December 1

Early Winter brings cold weather to Avalon! Light snowshowers and cloudy skies are beginning to be frequent! Temperatures are dropping, meaning frost and ice is beginning to form all over the Vale! Plants will begin to shrivel, hide, and die. Prey is starting to grow less abundant.
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Here you can find all the information regarding gameplay on Avalon. After looking through this thread if you still have questions about how to roleplay, or about gameplay in general please contact a member of Staff.

ᵒSemi-Realistic to Realistic
ᵒWolves only roleplay, no human npcs
ᵒSimple, ic based
ᵒooc planning optional
ᵒLiterate/Advanced rolplay
ᵒNo word count; post size dependable upon thread.

Our characters inhabit a small valley called Avalon, named after it's beauty and allure that the legendary Vale of Avalon from the King Arthur legend holds.

The territory is small, each terrain almost overlapping the next. Avalon is a peninsula, located on the east-coast of the United States. Although detached from the state body, it is east of what is known as Virginia, residing in the Chesapeake Bay.

The valley is surrounded by coastline on the east, south and west borders, where the east leads into a beachy terrain and the mountains, the south leads into forested areas and the west leads into a dry and barren desert.

The Gameplay begins during AY1 (Avalon, Year 1). In human standards, our roleplay takes place starting in 1876.

[Image: fFRHQwg.jpg]
(click here for a large view of the location)

Avalon is an ooc optional roleplay, meaning:

-if you never want to plan anything ever and have all of everything develop naturally, that's okay.

-if you want to plan subplots to help grow your character or just to help develop your writing skills, to help progress things ic, etc, that's okay.

OOC Optional allows all of our members to play however they want, giving everyone the experience they want, regardless of what it is.

The site, however, will only take part in site-wide event plots. This way, it is optional for members to play through the event and gives all characters the chance to participate.

Avalon is post human-settlement, and therefore wolves are likely to occasionally stumble across something humans have left behind. Miners mined for gold deep in the hearts of the Silverstone Alps, and construction workers began to construct a railway starting at the base of the mountains and worked through the Glade. When the American Civil War drafted for manpower, the mine and the railway were abandoned, leaving the mine to be flooded from the water that sweeps into it through the Crystal Cove and leaving the railway to rust and collect dust through Shamrock Glade.

Characters are welcome to form beliefs and legends of the life that lived before them on our peninsula. The vale is rich in lore and history.


Legend has it that one young wolf was born into Avalon before man came to it. As she grew, she watched the progress of man and the damages they brought to her home. When the men finally took off and left Avalon, the wolf crawled to Lichen Lagoon and quietly passed away, at peace at last now that her home had been restored. Legend says that once every month, when the moon is full, her spirit rises from the waters to speak to nearby wolf travelers, observing the world as it matures so that it never falls into the hands of men again.
**Lady of the Lake is an NPC and not to be roleplayed. Her story has been created to add lore to the valley, as well as background for the Tumblr**


Roleplay on this website is always done in past-tense and third person. You are a member, you have characters. You are not your wolf; your username should not be the same as the name of your wolf rather it should be something that you as a person wish to be identified by.

*tala wlkd in* hi do u guys wnt 2 rp? *tala waved*

Tala jogged into camp, waving a paw towards her fellow pack-mates. (OOC: Hey guys! Hope you don't mind me throwing her in this thread!)


Here on Avalon, there are two kinds of accounts- OOC Accounts and Character Accounts.

When signing up for our site, please create your first account as an OOC Account. This will be your profile so that other users can find you and your characters more easily, as well as having a main profile that can be contacted.

After having created your OOC Account, please post in the Icebreakers to introduce yourself! Not only is it a great way to make friends and start familiarizing yourself with our community, but it will also allow Staff to know you've joined our site!

When you've posted your greeting, the next thing to do is create a character account! This is done in the same way that you created your OOC Account! Please register with your character's first name! From there, you will log out of your character and log in as your OOC Account.

Then, go to Settings -> Edit Sub-Accounts. Here you can link all your characters to your OOC Account!

When you log back into your character, you can fill out the profile with all it's information!

Avatars are 220x270.


Adoptions here are handled member-to-member, rather than through a directory. Members can make their own threads in the adoptions category for their characters, and may either have one big thread for all their character adopts, or they may choose to have one thread per character adopts. It's all up to the member!

If you're looking to adopt, you can find them in the Adoptions category, and you will be able to handle requests for adoptions directly with the user who put up the adoption. If you're adoption is accepted, you will still need to follow through the normal application process so that Staff can approve the character.


Offscreen Assumptions are those moments between scenes in films, shows or books that we don't see. These scenes are typically full of uneventful occurrences such as getting ready for school, eating a snack on the way to work, sleeping, and the like. They are things we know, based on assumption, happen even when we don't see it happening.

For roleplay, Offscreen Assumptions work in a similar way. We Offscreen Assume that our characters eat frequently during each and every day even if we don't play out their hunt, we assume that our characters have to take time off travels to sleep or use the restroom even if we don't play out those activities.

For instance, you could begin a thread with your character eating what they've caught, even if it wasn't played out because we can assume by their eating that they went out and hunted.

We use Offscreen Assumptions here to wrap up things that aren't 100% confirmed by the time the thread is over, or before it's just begun, so everyone knows what's going on regardless of not having seen it. It's a good way to close threads that seem open-ended.


When a pack forms, each territory description thread opens as the Camp Thread. The Camp Thread is basically just a main thread where players can post in. This is usually where all the offscreen interactions happen IC, and the downtime for a character between big major threads.

If someone has not posted in the camp thread in three days, the next player to post can assume the character before them has left the area and can post doing something different or new.

The Camp Threads cannot be archived, they are there to stay! Anyone can post in them at any time!

Tags are put in the headline of a thread with a specific letter between brackets.

[AW] - All Welcome. These threads are your basic, average thread that everyone is welcome to join in on. Whether it's meeting new wolves, joining in on another wolf's hunt, helping someone find their way home, etc. All threads are always considered open.

[S] - Summons. If your character is specifically seeking out another character for some reason, you would mark your thread, "[S] character names" in the thread description.

[C] - Closed. Closed threads are our most specific kind of thread! Usually closed threads are made for specific reasons such as long-time-coming characters meeting, threads that have a specific purpose such as official mating threads or official pack-claiming threads, or if a thread is two or more pages and would be too complex for new characters to jump into. New characters wishing to join closed threads should contact the player that started the thread to inquire about joining in.

[P] - Pack. Pack threads are those that specifically target pack members. Threads that would be included are pack hunts, yearling training, or pack meetings.

[M] - Mature. Mature threads are those that contain graphic content, such as gore or mating. Please mark these threads as soon as the mature content begins so fellow readers or roleplayers know what they're getting into before they dive in. Additionally, not everyone wants to see the details.

Current Active Packs: Eastern Sun Coalition and Dawnmire Rescue.

While having a leader, or any other high ranking character, may sound appealing, it takes a lot of commitment and dedication. Leaders are responsible for conducting all meetings for their pack on a regular basis, as well as submitting requests for when there are changes that need to be made, accepting new members, handling pack-members, etc. If for some reason a leader is unavailable for an extended period of time, a second-in-command can take charge and handle diplomatic responsibilities in their absence. Also, characters should respect and obey their pack authorities unless they are prepared to suffer whatever consequences said authority may bestow.

All characters are applicable to forming their own pack, as long as each clan meets certain standards before it becomes official.

ᵒPack Name
ᵒPack Color
ᵒName of pack founder/leader
ᵒNames of three other pack mates and their new ranks
ᵒPack territory name
ᵒPack Structure (Ranks and responsibilities)
ᵒShort bio about how pack was formed and why
ᵒPack's Goals/Values

ᵒParent Territory
ᵒName of new subarea
ᵒShort description of new subarea.


All characters will start off with an age chosen by the roleplayer. All ages are set by year, and then by month. Every month, every character will age up by two months to keep aging appropriately on track. This way, there is time progression as threads go on. It also will keep track of where on the life timeline they will, since character's cannot live forever. This way, if your character lives through it's an entire lifespan, your character will be played for roughly 5 years real time.

Tala - 2.8 years (two years and eight months.


Prior to having a litter of puppies, an adult female wolf must have a male mate who is a living character on this site (this is not to say the paternal figure cannot die pre-birth). The mate may not be one of your own characters (this is to decrease the number of offspring coming from one continuous user, as well as create more opportunity for storyline).

Your female character will have all of the Winter season to have the deed completed (this does not need to be played out, and can be simply replaced with a 'time skip'), and then in the following Spring, she will be able to have her pups, in consideration to the appropriate subseason for which she became pregnant.

There will be a deadline for when submission of pregnancy requests will be cut off. Following, there will be a series of things to follow through with for the parents that go into the details of the characters of the puppies to be born. Parents will have first pick of the litter, if they would like to adopt one of the pups, and will only be given one pup from the litter, each (if they choose to do so). Afterwards, the rest will be put up for an Adoption process, where members who would like to adopt a puppies will be subjected to auditioning (via private messaging) for the character. Either member of the parents will then post who their top decision is, and the puppy will go to them.

Pups who are adopted out cannot die due to player inactivity (this is excepting stillborns). The player who was given an adopted-out puppy who becomes inactive past 3 months of age will be given one month to become active once more. After the fourth month, the players of the parents will be contacted and the character will be reauditioned/readopted for via the parents wishes. There are many users who love to play puppy characters, and therefore we do not kill them off due to player inactivity.


Avalon runs through all four seasons. However, to keep track of time, each season is broken apart into thirds, meaning although there are four seasons to a year, there are twelve subseasons to a year. Each subseason lasts a month, as it mostly is in real life.

Early Winter
Full Winter
Late Winter

Early Spring
Full Spring
Late Spring

Early Summer
Full Summer
Late Summer

Early Autumn
Full Autumn
Late Autumn


Time Skips (aka fades to black) are used for when something offscreen can be skipped in a thread so that the thread may continue without it. Time Skips/Fades are usually used in threads for when characters are sleeping, mating, traveling, etc.


The Avalon Peninsula was left untouched by man or wolf for many, many years. In the early 1820s, it was discovered, and construction work to build a railway and begin mining for gold began. Mining officially started in 1830, carving into the heart of the Silverstone Alps. Construction for the railway began soon after in 1836. Afraid to come near and cohabit the land, wolves strayed to the rural regions of Maryland. It wasn't long after the manpower had begun that they discovered many financial complications that would come along with cutting through the mountains for the railroad, and all the work and time it would take to start the deforestation process through the rest of Avalon. Progress slowed in the late 1840s as it became more and more expensive to build the railroad and miners weren't having any luck finding gold. Soon, in 1851, the railroad project was put on hiatus until the money from the gold mining could be discovered and profited towards the project. Less and less workers were being sent to Avalon, and more and more workers left their jobs in order to seek profitable work for their families. In 1859, America was preparing for war, and drafted all of the last hundred or so workers. Progress was completely halted in 1860, and the American Civil War ran through 1861-1865. After the war, all projects, including the mine, were abandoned and left alone.

After the war finished and the territory was left to the rabbits and undomesticated cats, wolves began to close into the territory. The first wolves to enter the Valley came through in 1867. Eventually, the process of life began in Avalon. Two wolves decided to become mates, and later that Spring, bore an abundance of puppies. Once the puppies grew to become adults, they left home and found mates of their own. Soon, the pups brought their mates back, and together with their parents, formed the Eastern Sun Coalition. It wasn't long before the pups became parents, and the strength of the newly-formed pack grew strong. They settled in the Red Stone Oasis, and as more pups were born and brought in mates and their own pups, the news of the pack spread to the rogues. The Eastern Sun Coalition settled dominance in 1870 as being the only pack in the valley thus far, and took many recruits in. Rumors spread about the strength and the power that the pack had.

Our gameplay begins in 1876, six years following these events. Since the site is opening in 1876, regardless of it's rich history both with human life and wolf life, we set our site timeline as AY1 (Avalon Year One).

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