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ghost in the wings
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At this point, the fear of Shade rejecting him had come to pass. In its place, it was fear of her imparting another warning, or a stipulation, some sad lament about her curse that would suggest he still wasn’t quite there. He didn’t blame her for feeling that way - she had every right to paranoia. And he was willing to do whatever it took to prove he cared for her. But his heart was tired and weak, and all he wanted was her warmth.

She didn’t say anything back to him. He didn’t know what to feel about her silence until she instead scooted closer, pressing into him without hesitation. Her advance caught him off guard, flooding his heart with warmth and his spine with a shiver. Bedouin held his breath, as if afraid that breathing would blow her away or make her shatter. When his lungs finally ached for oxygen, he huffed and slowly exhaled from his lips, settling his head on top of hers.

He felt like he should say something again, but he didn’t know what. What else could be said? She already knew everything he felt. So he merely closed his eyes, enjoying the comfort of her closeness.

Female · 3 Years, 8 Months Old · Cursed Forest Dweller
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Shade felt Yiska relax a bit as he let out his breath and rested his head on her own. Was he afraid, too? He'd been brave enough to admit his feelings first.

"You really are special, Yiska..." she murmured, nuzzling her face into his fur a bit. "How did I ever get enough... fate... for you to be so kind to me?" she asked, chuckling a bit, but only cause it seemed so impossible before that anyone would see beyond her curse, and yet here stood Yiska, kind and sweet and apparently, immune to whatever curse she had on her.

Male · 5Y 08M · Rogue
120 POSTS · PLAYER: Madison
As he struggled to think of something, anything to say, Shade instead nuzzled further into his thin fur and sent a wave of heat burning through him. He could feel it in his cheeks. She was calling him special.

He was sure that, in his lifetime, he’d heard something like that dozens of times. Such compliments could be afforded by those ranked high enough. They were she flattering peasants and loving family alike, each looking to gain something different from him. Love, recognition. He wondered how much of it had ever been sincere, as sincere as when Shade said it.

He flattened his ears and shuffled even closer, rubbing his nose against her soft summer coat, smiling into the familiar smell. “We’re both messed up. Wouldn’t do me any good to be a jerk to the only person that might understand me, would it?” he laughed.

“But to be honest, I don’t think you deserve anything you’ve been through. You’re a good person, better than me. The least I can do is try to keep up,” Bedouin sighed, briefly looking past her towards the rolling, rocky hills surrounding them. That was the kind of person he wanted Yiska to be. Kind, gracious, helpful. A good person. Nothing like what he used to be, or what Bedouin pretended to be. He wanted it to be real.

Female · 3 Years, 8 Months Old · Cursed Forest Dweller
130 POSTS · PLAYER: Storm

Shade felt Yiska move closer and nuzzle into her fur in return, it made her heart flutter again. This feeling couldn't just be winter hormones, right? Winter was too far away. Was this.. real, then? Yiska really liked her this much?

Yiska mentioned they were both messed up, no arguments there, if their pasts were both so terrible to make admitting anything this hard to do. Yiska also said he didn't think she deserved any of the bad that had happened to her, called her a good person and commented the least he could do was try to keep up. Shade glanced up at him at that, he was still thinking he wasn't any good?

She shifted a bit, just enough so she could lick his cheek lightly. Would this be going too far? "I'm not better than you. We'll get through together, ok? I won't leave you behind."

Male · 5Y 08M · Rogue
120 POSTS · PLAYER: Madison
At her gesture, Bedouin find himself smiling again, though it was smaller, if a little sad somewhere in the distance of his expression. He knew her wors were sincere, but no amount of belief could change the past and what he’d done, what he always felt the inclination to do. To run. To hurt. To die. Nothing could change that.

“Thank you,” he said, brushing his nose against her muzzle again. At least he had the reassurance that she’d still be with him as he tried to be better. He just hoped he wouldn’t fail her.

(short post, but let’s just call this the end!)


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