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Siberian quirked a brow as the male began to speak, delivering a monologue worthy of the longest yawn she could muster; she lost interest in him about ten words in, and made it clear that she didn't care for his long-winded answer as she stared past him, rolled her eyes, or pretended to inspect her toes. When he finally replied with no, she blinked a few times and fixated back on him. "Sorry, I almost forgot what we were doing for a moment."

For as polite as she tried to make herself sound, it was laced with poison and she couldn't hide the wicked smirk tilting up the corner of her lips, her eyes glimmering with sarcasm. Prince or no Prince, he obliged anyways, returning a prick of his own (however small and humorless it was) as implored the price he'd have to pay for her assistance. Siberian's tail waved high over her back as she thought, if briefly, on what she desired from the dirt-furred man. If anything.

"Oh, I don't ask for much. Helping poor sods like you is how I pass the time. How about a favor," Siberian said, grinning still. Material gains were well and all, and what her body truly, physically needed (as food, and water, and herbs), but they only lasted for so long. And they were only worth so much. A favor would never expire, not until it was executed. "Ain't decided what it'll be yet. But when I do, you'll know."

What better power was there to keep someone beholden to you?

"Well? Are you coming?" Siberian nonchalantly turned her shoulder towards the brown male, angling herself northeast towards the Dell. "Name's Siberian, by the way. Who're you?"


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