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Glacier Gorge
Click image to view full. A smooth wedge between some of Ivory Cliffs, a path from the mountain areas down the rest of the Vale. A natural snowbank, this long-winding descent falls between low peaks of the mountains, jagged sides making a dangerous journey to climb up or down.

the last great bridge jumper
Male · 5Y 06M · Rogue
4 POSTS · PLAYER: Madison
private for Tybalt but if Dadyr is ready any time soon he can probably come in too; late summer

The winds around him howled. Summer's heat had yet to abate, but here in the heart of the mountains, he couldn't even feel the sun permeating his fur. It was the wind that burst through the crevices and over the hills and around every corner, picking up speed as it raced, sliding its icy fingers across his back and reminding him again of everything he'd left behind.

It had been long enough now that one would think Tunglið had accepted his fate, but it hung there in the back of his mind. Another image flashing in the corner of his eye. Another memory stirring at the smell of salt and the reflection peering through ice. He'd try to shut it out, but it was all he ever knew. It was hard to rid one's self of something that had such a massive role in building him, shaping him. It was hard to shed something that itself was a piece of him.

Thankfully, he still had at least a fragment of the family he lost. Dádýr had met up with him when he was down south and his brother faithfully remained by his side since then. Though in youth they had disagreed on many things, age allowed Tunglið to accept the faults that fractured them. It no longer mattered that Dádýr was the child of an outcast, it no longer made a difference who Tunglið resembled. Leadership and home escaped them both. He was just content to have his kin by his side.

They separated not long ago. It had been decided that they were to finally end their search - search for what, that answer was left vague - and find the ideal territory to settle. To cover more ground before the snows fell, Tunglið went east and Dádýr went north, though they agreed to meet back up again where they left each other within a few moon cycles. Being apart from his brother after having spent so much time with him was jarring at first, but Tunglið was used to being alone. After a while, he didn't mind the silence. He trusted his brother would stay safe and keep his promise to meet up again soon. In the mean time, Tunglið put his mind towards his task: finding a new home.

The walls of the glacial gorge rose up around him like cleaving jaws. To his side, the dark blue water of the river gurgled and twisted through the stone, leading him east like he intended. He didn't know if anything lay beyond the mountains, but if it did, he was sure to discover it.

He rolled his shoulders in a shrug, passing in and out of jagged shadows cast by the sun as it slowly sunk from its zenith. Another fast gale ripped through the gorge. Tunglið paused where he stood aside the river and shook out his fur, wondering if he should attempt to drink from the wild river. It may pull him in - but at least it would be water wrapping its hands around him. That he could forgive.

14 POSTS · PLAYER: oscenavis

watch as i completely retcon tyb's entry into avalon in walking bird for the sake of my messed up timeline

Even with the gentle caress of a dying summer sun, the cavernous intestines of the gorge were frigid. Winds unforgiving and tempestuous. Glacial fingernails were burying themselves into his very bones, filling his flesh with its paralyzing poison. Sheer cliffs of cold such as these would most certainly intimidate those too weak to withstand them. Tybalt didn't expect to meet any company. Just as he hadn't in the odyssey. All he had was the company of calloused hands rubbed raw by rope as he hoisted the proverbial sail. Also, perhaps, the maelstrom of conflicting thoughts and ideologies raging. His life's work possibly thrown out of the window in favor of deeply-rooted paranoia and twisted imagery of kin.

What of Noelle?

A fervent struggle between two brothers had left their sweet little sister in the shadows. In his absence, had she taken his mantle? Pried the title of commander from rotting bones? As snow-caked paws skimmed over yet another loose chunk of ice, he shook his head. He hadn't been gone for that long. The other two commanders would keep the Oath beneath their guidance. Tybalt swallowed, a sinking stone in his gullet. A stone marked with apprehension. Even in a quest as self-righteous as his, was it worth it? There hadn't even been a single trail on Tilian's whereabouts. He was gone. Perhaps the supposed dogs of his tales really had slain the heretic. He would scour this peninsula, he demurred. Then he would return home to take his seat with a falsehood. "Tilian's head has rolled!" he'd cry out. "The vultures devoured him before I could bring him home."

Blood may be thicker than water, yet heresy was thick ichor. Tar dripping from inky lips. Vile, eldritch monstrosities writhing from the throat. The corrupt jay dragon would be purged by the light, vantablack fractured and shattered. Tybalt Vie Coeur, the victor, would stand over the writhing corpse, raising his silvered blade to the sun.

The comfortably familiar sound of wild waters clawed at the troubled reverie, bringing the Oathsworn back to the frozen canyon. His toes glimpsing icy creeks, he pranced off a ways. Currents could be far stronger than suspected. The Oath would not have it that the son of Divico had died drowning in a puddle. While he could perhaps swim alongside the rip currents, it was the anesthetic cold that would drag him down into undeniably sharp depths. In the shadow of the sinking sun, there was life. Fooled by blue eyes and a dark mask, the chocolate warrior galloped to the stream's edge, barking sharply, "Tilian!" Foolish assumption.

Male · 5Y 06M · Rogue
4 POSTS · PLAYER: Madison

In long, catatonic strides, he began to wade into the dark serpentine waters. The male cast his eyes down towards his legs, watching where the water eddied around him, catching on obstacles that could ground his footing. He needn't wade so far out into the river, but knew that the best, coldest, and most fresh water roared through its center. Especially in the stagnant heat of summer. Even down here, the heat still somehow permeated the ground long enough to remain even in shadows. He didn't want that to sour the water he lapped from the river. Or perhaps, he was just a beast of needless complication and intangible simplicity. Maybe he'd rather risk his life over a cold drink. Maybe he just enjoyed the reprieve from the heat.

When Tunglið rooted himself against a few submerged rocks, he lowered his abdomen into the water, reveling in the refreshing sensation of it surging on his stomach. He bent his head to the surface, drawing in mouthfuls of the cold river water with satisfaction. Never was there a sweeter oasis than cold water.

His paradise wasn't destined to exist here in the river, though, not when beasts of land and dirt came calling. A voice boomed over the rush of water, earning Tunglið's bemused gaze as he peered over his shoulder at his summoner. Tilian. That was a new one. The creatures of this eastern escape were curious things. Tunglið waded against the current and slowly angled his body towards the stranger, eying him with a coldly judicious stare. "It's Tunglið, actually," he corrected: crisp, succinct, and bored.


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