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Advertising Competition 17.08.17 - 31.08.17
Female · 25 · Junior Member
Okay! So following on from some recent suggestions, Avalon will now be hosting its first advertising contest! Please don't worry, that's not the only thing that was taken away from the suggestion thread. (Aside from Gyl's warm and fuzzy feels,) I will also be going ahead and getting us registered on those directories over the next couple of days.

However! Since you wonderful human beings have expressed an interest in making my job easier helping out with advertising, this is happening too!

This should be a pretty simple contest but doesn't every simple contest need some simple rules?


Yes. Yes it does.

1. Before you post an advert anywhere, please do a quick check to see if we have advertised there before. If we haven't - great! If we have, please move on. Any adverts that are double posted will not count towards your total and will make staff cry. You'll need to check other posts here, but also please check this thread.

2. Please make sure you note your name somewhere on the advert, so we can see it was you posting.

3. Be kind to my eyes and use the template provided! It'll make it much easier to count up your adverts and for other people when they're checking to see if a site has already been advertised on.

4. Before you begin advertising, please PM a staff member for an important note first. This is super important and you must do this before beginning.

5. You are free to advertise on any roleplay site - so long as they do not contain content completely unsuitable for the younger members of Avalon. If you need to confirm you're over 18 to access the site, it's probably off-limits! If you're unsure, please err on the side of caution and PM one of us for clarification!

Finally, an incentive! The wonderful Madison has offered to make one of her fantastic tables for the winner of the competition.

So what are you waiting for? :D

Female · 25 · Junior Member
1. <a href="Link to advert here">Name of site here</a>
2. <a href="Link to advert here">Name of site here</a>
3. <a href="Link to advert here">Name of site here</a>
4. <a href="Link to advert here">Name of site here</a>
5. <a href="Link to advert here">Name of site here</a>
6. <a href="Link to advert here">Name of site here</a>
7. <a href="Link to advert here">Name of site here</a>
8. <a href="Link to advert here">Name of site here</a>
9. <a href="Link to advert here">Name of site here</a>
10. <a href="Link to advert here">Name of site here</a>


<center><a href=''><img src=''></a></center>


<center><a href=''><img src=''></a></center>


<center><a href=''><img src=''></a></center>


Female · 19 years · Bunny Hugger
0 POSTS · PLAYER: tumult!
001. concrete pawsteps
002. outliers
003. deep in the meadow
004. grass beneath my paws
005. cry for the moon
006. novus
007. shattered alley
008. anathaema
009. suodimi
010. ailouros
011. the warriors forest
012. warriors destiny
013. carried away
014. equiventure
015. look to the stars
016. wild equines
017. baraenor
018. into the white
019. empyreal
020. avarice
021. white wolf mountain
022. under the wings
023. abstract reality
024. stars in their eyes
025. beautiful creatures
026. the fate of five
027. solui
028. iwos
029. abandon
030. the numora region
031. kaleidoscope
032. magic and charms
033. collateral damage
034. delphia
035. vanish at the world
036. gossamer
037. magical mayhem
038. shadowlack
039. ithaka
040. the bleached weyr
041. rippling whispers
042. digital menace
043. dragon's edge
044. the wild side
045. we are human
046. nightmares past
047. their world
048. fantasi
049. together we fall
050. naruto: fallen blades
051. consecrate
052. vemödalen
053. freedom run
054. a hard love
055. fantasies unwind
056. the one magic
057. borrow the moonlight
058. welcome to avalon
059. wicked stigmata
060. overgrown coppice
061. the pack roleplay
062. faint pawprints
063. sure fame
064. this is the night
065. dalibor weyr
066. wings of virtue
067. harper region
068. the chosen few
069. misfits
070. pokemon anrui
071. paradise
072. pokemon godai
073. infinite loop
074. anikira
075. sensory
076. fang's creed awakening
077. dark, darker, yet darker
078. we are warriors
079. it's a conspiracy
080. antarsia
081. warrior cats
082. sword and crown
083. kitaro weyr
084. dracadia
085. pokemon terrene
086. libertas
087. the drift
088. ruin and rise
089. vindico
090. three dark clans
091. the jagged crown
092. starr mountain estate
093. no heroes
094. castle of glass
095. sojourner falls
096. take a trip
097. arcana
098. milkshake
099. lorelai
100. playing on broken strings

Female · No Information · Inactive
0 POSTS · PLAYER: Chimera
-wave one-
1. Atricis: Awakening
2. The Wastes: Equinox Weyr
3. Solaria Weyr (Currently waiting for approval)
4. Rainbow Mists Weyr
5. sirocco
6. New Game
7. The First Weyr
8. The Peacekeepers Age
9. Vaioa Weyr
10. Canine Kennel Club

-wave two-
1. Wicked Wonderland
2. This Too Shall Pass
3. Forced Heroes
4. Requiem of Geass
5. Don't Trust the Moon
6. Songless Birds
7. Chaotic Rebirth
8. Shinobi Generations
9. Seraph of Truce
10. REMNANTS: A RWBY Role Play

tbh I'm out I tired LOL.

Female · 25 · Junior Member
Thanks to both of you for taking part! It should come as no surprise looking at the astronomical number of adverts listed in that post that our winner is Tumult! Please PM Madison to work out the details of your prize :)

Female · 19 years · Bunny Hugger
0 POSTS · PLAYER: tumult!

thanks for a good competition, chimera! <3


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