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You and Me and the Devil Make Three. [Inteus/AW]
Female · 3.6 yrs · Princess.
assuming inteus is with her right now; can be edited if this changes!

She was a small dark patch of grass in the Glade, only her ebony fur setting any change of scenery in the Glade. Her small sizing, and the current resting position she held as she napped in the cool Autumn breeze, made her as significant to spot to a traveler as a butterfly would. Just as easy to spot as she would be to miss. The woman much preferred times to when attention was directed toward her, where the spotlight gave her moments to shine and showcase who she was and what she wanted. However, moments such as these, when her slumber was deep and full, she despised even the mere idea of even being looked at.

Something had been itching her muzzle for the past few minutes, prodding gently at her nose. A part of her subconscious was quite aware of this, but had decided it wasn't important enough to pull her from her rest. As the minutes ticked by, the longer it tickled her nose, the more she began to awake. One bright amber eye slowly peeled open, blurry and hazy from dreaming, immediately squinting as the rays of sun streamed through the sky and the green hues of the Glade a stark reminder of the hour. Slowly, the other eye opened, both wide and attentive as they focused forward to her nose. There, a butterfly prodded at her face, it's thin and little legs shifting their way through her thickening fur, as if seeking pollen within its charcoal depths.

Her ears perked up, erect and alert at the little creature. Careful not to disturb it, her amber eyes were now wide with interest, and yet she kept in mind to remain still, lest it fly away. Conscious of her every placement, the way her left leg was crooked and bent out to curl up, the way her right arm was a little further outstretched than the other, the way the fur of her tail felt like a puffball against the blades of grass beneath her. The butterfly flapped its wings, a pale yellow stretching outwards. As it continued to poke against the rough skin of her nose, the wolf could feel it- an approaching sneeze. Careful not to move, she slid her dry tongue against her teeth and gently bit down, trying to avoid it. But only moments could pass this way before the inside of her left nostril was caressed. Unable to hold back, her head retracted and her jaws opened wide. Clenching her eyes shut, a loud 'chooo!' was released.

As soon as her amber eyes were open again, scrunching her nose a few times before she could relax, the wolf noticed the absence of the butterfly. She let out a huff, all signs of focus and excitement now dissolved. Her ears lay flat with disinterest, her eyes now dark with a clear sign to her annoyance. She lay still, there in the Glade, for a few moments longer before pulling herself to her paws and shaking out her fur. It had started to regain its thick, downy texture as it did every Winter- she'd noticed just the day previous that somehow she'd felt heavier with its weight. It wouldn't be too much longer now, as she speculated, that Winter would be upon them. The days were growing cooler, the breeze grew stronger and frequent as they passed by.

The time that had passed reminded her of her goal, and it reminded her that with each day, she'd had yet to fulfill it. Together, she and her older brother had been traveling on the desire to build and form their own pack- their first day of travel having been almost three years ago, come this Winter. Another year feeling unsatisfied and questioning whether or not she was even fit to continue with this, if she couldn't have succeeded within the past couple years what made the next and upcoming any different? It was a thought she'd shared with her brother before, but this never seemed to worry him. It was a characteristic she admired about him, his patience and his ability to stay calm and collected in moments of fleeting stress. It was one of many reasons why she was glad that of all wolves, it was he who was by her side.

Thoughts of him had her cast her gaze towards him, her eyes watching closely as his stomach rose and fell with every peaceful breath as he rested on beside her. Half of her wanted to leave him be, allow for him to continue with the sleep the butterfly had robbed her the opportunity of having. Yet, she knew that every hour counted, every minute even, and here she was just standing around questioning what to do rather than taking any action. With a grunt of self-reassurance, she lunged forward a full stride, pushing her nose softly against the back of his neck in attempt to rouse him from his own dreams.

"Teus," her nickname for him chosen specifically because of what their mother had called him as a yearling, a name passed onto her through tales of his upbringing before he and the rest of her older brothers made their own way into the world. The day he'd returned, the day they'd met, she coined it from their maternal figure, and ever since, it'd stuck to him like mud. "It's been morning, or rather afternoon, for quite some hours. Will you ever wake?" The question was posed accusingly, yet playful- picking on him as any sibling would badger their other.

[Image: 5zPxR3j.png]

Male · 4.1 years · Junior Member
1 POSTS · PLAYER: Annakah

OOC: I know I spelt vaughn instead of vaughns lol I'm just to lazy to change it right now, sorry!

The black wolf's golden eyes flicked over the horizon, the sun creeping slowly over the hills as an orange glow lit up the forest, creeping through the trees behind him. Glancing to his right was Andromeda, the dark she wolf sat stoically with her eyes shut, as still as a statue. Twitching his ear in her direction, he could just barely hear her breaths, in and out, in and out. The male knew he was dreaming, for the sole reason that in that very moment, he felt at home, settled, a feeling he had never felt so certainly in his years as a waking wolf. He relished in that feeling. It was what him and his sister had been searching for for years now and the opportunity to even cherish it for a moment, despite that it wasn't real, was one that he would take gratefully.

The male felt a slight itch on the back of his neck and closed his eyes from the golden sunset in frustration. Of course the dream had to go, it always did. When he opened his eyes again he was greeted with blades of grass twitching his nose and a low fog clinging to his fur. He stayed still for another moment, listening to his sister, not surprised that she had waken him, she always had been the less patient of the two. Finally he rolled over, greeted with his sisters black fur and golden gaze.

"I'm awake now." He grumbled unpleasantly, rising to his paws and shaking off the dream and the resentment at having to let it go, besides, maybe Andromeda was right, it was better to find his dream in the waking world, which meant they had work to do. Yawning widely he glanced around, it seemed his sister was right and afternoon had crept up on them, all the more reason to get going now.

"Well you wanted me up, now let's get going, we still have daylight yet. We can't waste anymore time."

He spoke knowingly to his sister, knowing that she would understand that he spoke not just of this morning. It was time to finish what they started so long ago.

Female · 3.6 yrs · Princess.
It was typical behavior of her brother to rise and start his days early, and as much as the woman wanted to begin the day, she knew she was slower to wake than he was. His quick reaction time put a smile on her face, and as he stood and stepped off, she trotted after him, taking lengthy strides until she closed the distance between the two of them and caught up to his stride.

"What should our first step be of the day, brother mine? Shall we locate to somewhere to bring wolves back to, or should we first seek out the wolves?"

Her amber gaze flitted to him briefly, eager to catch the expression that would mark his face. One characteristic of his that she admired with his honesty, and she hoped they would be able to come to an agreement on what the priority was. Then she looked ahead, across the Glade, nose to the ground in search of the scents of strangers. She hoped the two of them would come across another soon, she was beginning to feel at her wits end, that all hope was lost.

Hopefully whatever transpired, and with her brother's guidance, they would be on the right track, and lift her spirits.

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