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Red Stone Oasis
Click image to view full. This territory is claimed as the packland for the Eastern Sun Coalition.
Although the Carmine Sahara is dry and barren, a small creek runs through the desert and although at times it nearly runs dry, if you follow it, you will find yourself at the Oasis. The water has carved its way into the red stone and pooled to create the perfect habitat for life. Despite the harsh conditions, there are trees and flowers, waterfalls lazily flowing through the small haven. Sunlight filters through the branches, shading the red stone, it is the perfect spot to rest for any desert traveler. The seasons follow the same as the Sahara for the most part, however even in the winters the creek will not freeze over due to the constant current.

It's time. [S] {'Qui family}
Male · 1 YR 3 mo · Junior Member
Eastern Sun Coalition
3 POSTS · PLAYER: Annakah

Diederik stood to his paws, swinging his head from side to side. It was late afternoon, the sun creeping slowly towards the horizon. The young male had been out patrolling the borders. He was growing restless, creeping further and further towards the edges of the desert. He was a yearling now and although the male adored his family, they would never leave his heart, but as he was growing into an adult, he felt the itch to explore. He knew that he would never leave for good, this would always be his home, his family would always be his home and he knew if he did leave, he had to talk to them first.

That was why he let out a long and loose howl, calling for his mother and father. Knowing his family, he would await his siblings to join them as well, where'ver there was one, the others seemed to follow. He wasn't sure how any of them would take it but the male knew, with winter approaching, he had to get his adventure in now, hopefully be back by the first snow fall.

He was ready and to be quite honest, he couldn't wait.

Female · 1Y 05M · Convoy
Eastern Sun Coalition
13 POSTS · PLAYER: Madison
Her brother’s call needn’t travel far to reach the ears of the amber-agouti girl lounging in the sun, enjoying the cooler temperature of juvenile autumn. The instant the sound arose, Ida was on her feet, searching for its origins. Though she wasn’t particularly fond of spending time with any of her siblings, she often considered Diederik to be one of the more tolerable ‘Qui brothers, and his summonings were rare - rare enough to invite curiosity.

She followed the sound, locating him with ease as he stood among the stones waiting. Twitching her ears, Ida approached with brisk steps, peering lackadaisically towards him from beneath half-lidded eyes. “What is it, Dee? Someone take a dive into the oasis?” she asked sarcastically, shooting him a sardonic grin.

Male · 1.7 Years · Pursuant of the Eastern Sun Coalition.
Eastern Sun Coalition
The sound of his brother's familiar call roused him from sleep, his dreams instantly forgotten as he shook off the dust and dirt that had collected in his fur. As he rose to his paws, he stumbled clumsily, still hazy from being asleep. Something in him urged him to move, motivated him to get to his brother. Xavier yawned, his eyes tightly squeezed, as he tried to wake up more than just his mind. With a curt nod to himself, a subconscious approval that he was ready to go, he slowly scaled down the rocky side of the Oasis until he reached the pool. Following it south from the lip where it spouted, he continued onward until the scents of his siblings blended together. His strides were short as he jogged, quick to catch up to them.

"Dee! Ids!" he called out to them as he approached, slowing as the spacial gap between them began to close. "Nice day, don't you think? The two of you taking advantage of the weather to go out and explore again?" His tail wagged at the prospect that they were adventuring, and the idea that he could join the two of them.

Female · 3.8 YRS · Luminary of the Eastern Sun Coalition.
Eastern Sun Coalition
15 POSTS · PLAYER: gyl
It was always exciting for the mother to see when her children grouped together, she often enjoyed watching them play as little pups, and hold debates as they grew into yearlings. Today was no different, when the howl went up, she was quick on her paws to stand and follow it.

As she made her way towards the howl, she could already tell that Diederik, Ida and Xavier were already there together; nostalgia was hitting the mother's emotions hard, clear by her wide grin and slightly teary-eyed look.

Nearing them, she gave out a chipper bark. "What're the three of you doing this morning? Got any fun plans?"

She'd had no idea their intent, and she was fine to remain oblivious.


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