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Blackwater Swamp - [WIP]
Other · 20 Years · Newbie
Blackwater Swamp

Originally from the Northern region of Saskatchewan, as Winter draws near, the pack is migrating from the North towards the Eastern coastline. The previous frost saw the pack's numbers dwindle, and the bears and lynxes that shared their home become desperate for food, causing out of character attacks upon the large Blackwater Swamp pack. Over the Summer and Spring, they have attempted to rebuild, but it was Visara's decision as sole Matriarch to instigate the move.

Now, they head for Avalon.

Pack Overview I

Rather than a mated pair, a sole Matriarch is charged with leading the pack. She is the strongest of the females, and of a particular lineage of British Colombian wolves from their original pack area that has been leading Blackwater Swamp for generations. However, now with the competition from the other species within Avalon this may change.

- Female pups are guaranteed entry into the pack, as females are what ensure pack growth.

- Only the fittest males may remain in Blackwater Swamp (unless they display exceptional skill in the medicinal fields). This is determined through their continual trials within the Pit (detailed in Section II) until they reach 2 years of age. Male pups who are born are paraded for the entire pack to survey at 2 months of age. It is here, that they are initially judged to determine if they will have a chance of staying in the pack

- Females are not permitted to fight or hunt (detailed in Section II), instead, they are to take up medicinal jobs or pup jobs. This is to ensure protection.

- Males must always compete within the Pit for the right to mate, however a female has her choice of victors and may choose to withhold for a season if she has produced the previous season.

- Pups born out of love are considered weak and may result in exile for both the offending female and the offending male if the pups have not shown outstanding skills by the age of 6 months. Until this time, both the male and female are to be treated as Omegas of the pack.

Detailed Ranks II

Each of the ranks within Blackwater Swamp can be found outlined within this section. Each rank comes with a subsection of particular duties that can be performed and held in that rank (detailed in Sub-Section I). No more than two wolves can hold a particular duty within each rank.

- Matriarch: This female holds all the power of the pack within her paws. Whatever is spoken from her jaws can be taken as law. Acceptances and dismissals from the pack must be approved by her and her alone. A strong and cunning woman, she will select a protege as her heir as she reaches 6 years of age. In the event that she should pass on before then, the most senior female is to take her place.

- The Disciple: A chosen female representative who shall ascend to the rank of Matriarch. In breaking their strict tradition, the Disciple must face the Matriarch in a battle in the Pit. It is up to the reigning Matriarch to determine whether or not the choice was correct. If the Disciple is unable to show due ability in the Pit, she will not ascend to this rank and instead continue to serve as a doe.

- Oracles: All females are found within this rank once reaching 1 year of age. They are permitted access to the entire territory and are free to roam at their leisure. Changing packs is heavily frowned upon, however they are able to do so but themselves and any potential offspring may only regain access after a fight in the Pit. Only holding ranks of healing, they hold position above their male counterparts, but are unable to command them or pull rank. Should a female wish to hunt, she must do so with a group of at least three other females. Solo hunts are strictly forbidden.

- Sentinels: One of two ranks that males in the pack can hold, they have proven themselves as trustworthy, dependable towards the Matriarch and have succeeded many times within the Pit. They are tasked with keeping the Pups and Oracles safe. In times of war, they are first on the battlefield and are usually the successors after fighting for the right to breed.

- Neophytes: New male initiates into the pack, they are either pups who have proven themselves in the Pit at 2 years of age, or entrants who have fought within the Pit to gain the right to serve within the pack. Almost all males are placed within this group and may only ascend to Sentinel if they meet the requirements. Neophytes are rarely permitted to breed unless they defeat a resident Sentinel for that right. They are considered the lowest rank within the pack.

- Pups: A self explanatory rank, all females under 1 year and males under 2 years are considered pups. Though it is generally accepted that at 1 year old, both the males and females are fully grown, males cannot truly prove themselves as worthy of acceptance until they are 2 years of age and have completed the trials. Pups are treasured and the collective care of them lays within all the wolves of Blackwater Swamp.

Laws and Values III

Laws within Blackwater Swamp are strict, but easy to understand. Any misunderstanding of a law or value must be brought up with the Matriarch for clarification.

Value I: A continued sense of strength and unity is above all else. They are a close knit copse of wolves from all walks of life who have experienced tragedy and heartbreak but come out stronger for it. Physical and mental strength and intelligence is favoured above all else. If you fail to show these you will be outcast, as a pack is only as strong as its weakest link.

Value II: Respect is earned and not given to outsiders. However, all members of the pack serve their purpose and serve it well and disrespect among the ranks whether higher or lower is unacceptable.

Law I: Males and females are equal, however, in saying this, only a female may hold the highest rank in the pack. Only males are permitted to hunt and fight and females are usually kept back for healing duties. This is merely to play into each of the sexes own strengths, rather than an attempt to put either at a disadvantage. In some regards, it may be seen that females are above males but this is due to the fact that without females, there are no puppies and without puppies, there is no Blackwater Swamp.

Law II: Though it is a pack of warriors and in some instances, savages, Pups are to be shielded from the sights and fighting ideology until they are at least 2 months of age. This allows proper growth and development without the fear that they are being tested. Although this will come at 2 months of age, if a male Pup is unable to handle the heat, they will not be exiled until they are at least 2 years of age to ensure their best survival.

Law III: The Pit is an area to test strength and endurance. To fail in the Pit against an Outsider (except in instances where an Outsider is seeking to join) is seen as a matter of deep shame. Fights in the Pit are to be considered sacred and honoured despite the brutal nature of it. Warriors and champions are born within its confines.

The Pit IV

An area of the territory sectioned off specifically for the fights, in their previous territory within Saskatchewan it was the only dry fields area of the entire swamp wasteland. It is dug out to be in the shape of a bowl, at least 40 metres in circumference to allow free movement. Utilisation of the edges of the bowl, as well as whatever sticks and rocks may have fallen in is permitted. Anything goes in a fight within the Pit. However there are three simple rules.

One: Exit the Pit, you forfeit and are to be killed upon your exit.
Two: Once it is obvious an opponent is beaten, you have the decision of whether you will show mercy.
Three: If you wish to gain entry into the pack, you will face a Sentinel opponent chosen for you. If you manage to defeat the Sentinel, you will have a nick taken out of your ear as a sign of being an outside entrant to the pack.

Other · 20 Years · Newbie
Blackwater Swamp F.A.Q

As they are a pack that is currently migrating, people may join with characters that have previously existed in their old home and are currently making the move. All ranks except Disciple and Matriarch are open to be applied for :). If you have any ideas or changes I should implement please let me know!

Also if anyone is interested in writing their own family lineages into the history of the pack that is fine as well!

Application is as follows <3
Character Name:
Character Gender:
Rank Interested In:
Link to Profile (if able):
Plots?? (again not required but it'd be cool):


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