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Iron Ribs
Click image to view full. The flat land that runs from the Glade continues on through the Iron Ribs, a remainder and reminder of the touch left by humans during the Gold Strike. Several tracks of rusted rail-road tracks can be found across the ground, some of them going for a few miles, others seemingly started and ending with no path in sight. Old and empty cabins still sit, rusted, on the tracks. A few half-built one-room homes for workers still lay on site by the tracks.

There's a Galaxy in my mind
Male · 2.5 · win or die
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A distinct tang of rust was lacing the air and the giant iron beast that stood stationary on overgrown tracks stood almost crouched like a predator ready to spring forth. On his travels to the East coast, he had encountered various hairless walkers who had been laying down similar tracks to the ones this creature had made. Karador had never ventured close enough to get a good look at what they were doing, avoiding them at all costs where possible, but it was still curious to him. In the tree line, he had made himself comfortable. It was serving as a makeshift home until he could find a more suitable place to establish himself.

Deer could be seen grazing on the dry stalks of grass that took up the majority of the area, but he was in no shape to try and bring one down on his own. He'd been subsisting off whatever rodents crossed his path, resorting to digging out burrows to get to the rabbits and voles beneath. What he wouldn't give for a fleshy piece of deer like he had had back in his previous home. Yawning, he rested his head on his paws as he allowed his eyes to slowly close.

Still, he was making his way through this unknown territory just fine.


Male · 3 Years · five of spades
17 POSTS · PLAYER: Rasta

Traveling a substantial distance west wasn't exactly on Baldrs to-do list this morning, but when he woke, he just found himself on a continuous walk. Pausing for breaks happened every few hours, taking short rests in the shade of a tree, drinking from a shallow stream, catching a small rabbit for a quick snack, all simple things. None of his breaks however included meeting another wolf. Most of his walks were of the lonely variety unless he chose to accompany Skuld or one of the other Adegan members, but Baldr found his new love for exploring and adventures when traveling to Avalon. Since leaving Mexico and Refuge Point, Baldr hadn't been able to stop thinking about traveling. Perhaps that's what led him to this very spot today.

He wasn't paying much attention when suddenly he nearly tripped over something solid and stuck into the ground, something that didn't move. This scared the lingering deer herd into a breakneck stampede in the opposite direction, though it wasn't like Baldr was trying to sneak past or anything. Normally when Baldr tripped, it was over a rock or a branch, but this time, well, he didn't know what it was. Lifting his paw carefully to sniff at where he stubbed it and assessing the damage, he frowned and moved on to checking out what he tripped over. Some kind of somewhat shiny thing stuck in the ground. Baldr sniffed at it too, but couldn't tell. Scents of other wolves lingered on the mysterious rails, but that was the only information he got. Besides the fact that they were solid and rather painful when kicked or tripped over, Baldr didn't know what the heck they were!


Male · 2.5 · win or die
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Each of the ungulates grazed peacefully as they walked among themselves. Centred, was the beautiful stag who surely had sired quite a few of the yearlings. A crown of twisted antlers, he was certainly not someone you wanted to get on the bad side of, so when all the deer froze simultaneously and broke into a gallop towards his peaceful hiding spot he was certainly not prepared. Karador sprang onto all fours as the horde came-a-charging. With a yelp, he tried to jump to the side as he was bustled between the sharp cloven hooves and sweaty flanks of the panicked animals and toppled to the ground.

Frightened snaps and snarls escaped him as he tried to claw his way out form the centre of the herd but it was over within seconds as they continued on past him into the trees. Only catching a few of the daggers to his side, small spots of blood appeared across his shoulders and chest and he spat onto the ground. "What the FUCK" Whoever or whatever had caused them to spook and go nuts was going to pay. Fur bristled, he stalked towards the metal monster as whatever the noise was had come from the hunk of junk. Spotting the ginger and white wolf, the man let out a snarl, "Who the fuck do you think you are?" Curse words always seemed to lace his sentences and he stared long and hard at the similarly aged male. He seemed strong, strong in the sense he had eaten better than just a few measly meals and he glanced around for signs of others. "If there are others you better make yourselves known."


Male · 3 Years · five of spades
17 POSTS · PLAYER: Rasta

He hadn't a clue there was another in the direction the herd had jolted off towards until the man stalked towards him and verbally attacked him. Ears shot back, noticing the blood staining various places along his strong chest and sides. Baldr swallowed and nearly hung his head in shame, praying the man wouldn't take this much farther than a few harsh words. Baldr was by no means ill-trained for a fight, but he had no intentions of fighting this male. Sending the deer running was merely a mistake - he had no intentions of hurting, or even startling the man.

"I'm alone." He spoke quietly, though he knew the scent of Adega lingered heavily on his coat and the scent of other wolves passing through these parts weren't exactly a few days old. Whether the man believed him at this point was up in the air. "Are you okay?" His ears stayed back, but he took a hesitant step forward, hoping to get somewhat of a better look at the man. He couldn't tell how injured he was, if really at all. If he caused the man pain, he wanted to remedy it in any way that he could.



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