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The Thornes Legacy & History
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Seeing as there are Thornes on site, and their history is so closely tied to the Crofts, it's only fair to have info on the Thornes avalible :3 and who knows, Maybe there will be future Thornes, they'll want to know their family legacy one day. :3

Linkbox, click me!

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The Thornes are a Proud and Ambitious Pack. Originating in the Artic, it is said their Pack began when the mighty North Wind took the shape of a White Wolf to save a yearling girl who had stumbled, half-starved, into another pack’s territory. The North Wind killed the entire pack that day, and when his stony eyes came to rest on the yearling female, he decided to remain a Wolf with her.

The pair took over the territory of her former attackers, North Wind nursed the yearling named Snow back to full health and over the following year they became quite close. She stole the heart of North Wind with her constant gratefulness and concern over his injuries as he protected her and their new home from challengers.

North Wind and the female had their first litter two years later. The pups were born within a bramble patch for their own protection, all with snowy white coats. North Wind decided the Pups names as Thorne, so they would never forget they would always be protected. The Litter consisted of all Sons – Ice, Frost, and Avalanche Thorne, Sons of the North Wind. Their Mother also took on the Thorne Name, since she was alone in the world as far as her birth family. Snow and North Wind raised their sons to be brave and Ambitious, to never back down, because they were Always Protected, they were Thornes.

As time went on, North Wind and Snow had more litters of pups over the years, as their eldest wandered off to form their own packs and join others. North Wind saw his Legacy begin, recognizing the pure-white pelts of his descendants spreading across the Artic lands each Spring. His Grand-pups were always born snow-white instead of muddy brown like other wolf pups. A Mark of their superior lineage.

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Female · No Information · Newbie

North Wind may have been rumored to be the North Wind itself taken wolf form, and these rumors were escalated when North Wind disappeared one Winter after a particularly nasty storm. No one could track him, no one could find his body. It was said he returned to his original form, whatever magic linking him to the wolf woman he loved having run out finally. This news reached his descendants, boosting their confidence that they were born of more than Wolves, that divine blood flowed in their bodies and marked them as Rulers of Wolf-Kind.

Some quickly found their newfound partial divinity was no match for basic wolf teeth and claws or other mortal ends to wolf lives, others had the supreme good fortune to prove their divinity. One line of the Thorne Family tested themselves quite often, trained for their tests, growing stronger every year and every year more secure in the rumors of their own immortality.

This line began to push southward and invade the lands of other packs, just like their founder had so long ago, destroying the packs that stood in the way of their goals. At least one wolf in every generation was expected to go forth and take over their own lands and start their own branch of the Thorne Family, and have pups as soon as they were able in order to continue the divine bloodline that guarded them from harm.

This particular line of the Thorne Family also, over the years, lost sight of compassion for others. The ones who set out to take their lands from other packs were very smart, and very ruthless. Their goals to continue the bloodline meant that with the loss of compassion, they often seduced or flat out forced females they fancied in any small amount to bear their children. The females from outside the Thorne Family bloodline were often cut out of the Pup’s rearing beyond supplying food and shelter from predators. Elder Thorne Females took over raising the pups to fight and survive, Male Thornes taught them hatred and cruelty.

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Female · No Information · Newbie

With so many generations bred from hate and suppression, the Nobility of the family was gone, and other packs learned to fear them. Darren was especially ruthless.

In his youth, he was raised like all Thorne pups – the world belonged to him, every wolf was meant to bow to him and his siblings, and every wolf was so very stupid as to not already know this was how the world worked.

Darren began fight practice as soon as he and his brother Thrash were old enough to leave the den for the first time. Darren quickly grew into an Alpha mindset, and even as a yearling he would bring in young, feeble females from outside his family experiencing their first winter in heat and ’practice’ with them. Perfecting his suave and kindly lure. Older Thornes would keep the female once she set paw on their lands until she was old enough to bear pups, groom her to be meek and unwilling to fight as she finished growing into adulthood, in order to grow the Thorne lineage.

Darren had larger plans than simply growing the family’s size through abducted little girls. As a pup he heard word of the Croft Pack further to the south. One of his elder Brothers had seduced a female into the family and convinced her to tell the Thornes all about the Crofts. The female didn’t know much, other than the Crofts had the best lands and prey herds in the whole area, and were unconventional in how they approached the other packs.

Darren heard the stories – how the Crofts came from the same earth as their precious forest, rooted in one spot. An Old line like his own, a Weak line with no special marking to denote their ancient lineage. In Darren’s mind, they were nothing but Mutts, and their land would one day belong to him.

As he grew, he prepared himself for his personal mission. Training to fight, training to kill. His Mother was never part of his training, just his elder Aunts and Uncles, the famous white pelt and their ancient name taught him true to the ways of the world – all bowed to the Thornes, eventually, the Sons and Daughters of the North Wind.

When he was old enough, Darren and his brother Thorne left their home territory, and went on a mission of death and destruction to take over the land that the Croft Pack held in it’s paws for far too long.

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Female · No Information · Newbie

Their first obstacle was a plucky little pack just getting it’s footing that went by the name of Nightwing. They were not well-trained or prepared to be on their own. Thrash and Darren, their ruthless natures, was more than enough to kill most of the pack, and scatter the rest, taking over the Nightwing Territory.

Newly established, Darren cleaned himself up from the blood and went poking around the Croft territory, while Thrash went to search for a female to abduct to grow their numbers in their newly gained lands.

Darren’s luck continued to serve him, he met Hanna out on a scouting of the borders, and found out she was a direct descendant of the Croft Lineage. She was pretty enough, and her old blood, though muddied as it must be to be stuck in the same place for so long, was a possible way to gain his goals with a strong pack he could slowly replace over time with his own blood. He turned on the charm full blast when winter came and Hanna entered heat.

Hanna never stood a chance. She couldn’t see his flattery as anything but love for her, and soon enough she was carrying the next generation of Thorne pups. Darren waited at the borders for her every day until she told her parents what had happened. His plans went wrong, however. Hanna was given leave of the croft Pack and Lands to raise her pups with her Lover, himself. This was not the outcome Darren wanted, but he welcomed Hanna into his small pack, and kept his ‘good behavior’ on high while she went through her pregnancy, he needed his pups to be born healthy, he needed them to be Thornes.

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Their first litter was born, all sons, all white pelted. Thornes. They were named Horren, Hava, Daniels, and Dommino. Darren’s Noble Blood had overpowered the muddy mess of the Croft blood. However, Darren had no sisters or other female family members to help raise the pups as Thornes. His mask was beginning to crack. He raised the pups with Hanna until they were ready to leave the den, then he took over their training fully himself, leaving Hanna to the hunting. Thrash was forced to do the same with his own pups. The two females were sent out hunting often as their pups grew, keeping them away from the truth of the training the pups were receiving, kept blind to the hate being planted in the young wolves’ hearts.

Hanna caught on eventually, halfway through her pregnancy with their second litter, once her sons were fully grown and it was too late to spare them the fate of all Thornes. Darren’s mask crumbled away fully, and he made sure Hanna did not interfere with the second litter either, bullying her if he caught her trying to teach them the ways of the Crofts, or giving them Croft-names, or cuddling them to make them weak.

Darren never bullied her enough to do too much harm, he needed that second litter to grow his pack if he was to invade the Croft Lands. The second litter was all girls, all white pelted. More Thornes. This sign only proved to Darren’s Mind that he was meant to have what the Crofts had. His blood was superior to theirs in every way. No mud and wood born wolf could ever compare to the Nobility of a wolf born from the icy Wind of the North.

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Darren’s Success was owed, in part, to an unlikely aid. While Hanna was tending to his Sons and preparing for her second litter, Darren stalked the edges of the Croft borders. There, he met a young female by the name of Topaz Snake. Topaz offered him a deal – She wouldn’t tell anyone about his lurking around the borders still, if he promised her one of his sons.

Topaz was young, but as ambitious as Darren was. She was trying to worm her way into the Croft pack with no luck, and though Darren could clearly see her deal as a way to tuck herself into a powerful family on the rise, he decided to accept her offer. His sons would need mates once they were older, in order to further their noble bloodline. His Grand-pups would need some sad slave of a mother to hunt their food for them. He accepted Topaz’s terms of condition without telling her what she would be in for, when the time came. He told her she could have his son Dommino, but the moment she betrayed him, she would find herself losing quite a bit more than a bit of fur and blood.

Topaz kept her word, she never told anyone about Darren lurking around the borders, biding her time until she could take her place as more than a subordinate of an allied pack to the Crofts. Soon enough she would be the Alpha to a branch of a powerful family, one that didn’t just train her to go home to her own pack.

Shade Croft | Sage MoonStone | Rhea Dusk | Tara Dusk | Titania Dawnlight | Marque Deimos

Female · No Information · Newbie

After taking over the Old Growth Forest, Darren believed his line would be secure. After all, the Crofts, such a weak bloodline already, had stayed here for generations growing their own bloodline. Surely his own Divine Blood would find it easy to continue his legacy here. However, as time went on, all the Thornes began to notice things were going… wrong. Pups were dying, Females were failing to become pregnant, or when they did, the litter sizes were spectacularly small more often than not. The Thorne bloodline was coming to a stall. Darren didn’t understand it. Old Growth Forest was supposed to be a Mecca of good hunting and stability, his line should b flourishing.

Instead, he saw pups who did survive being born with muddy pelts like common whelps. He saw his Grand-pup’s pups dieing off despite all the work the pack put into their survival. None of them could figure out what was going on.

Darren even grilled Hanna on why this was happening. The answers Hanna Croft gave him were not promising. She told him hunting had always been good for the Crofts, there had never been a time too lean that the year’s pups could not survive with full strength, and there was never a concern about health.

Darren was not pleased with this news. He began to search out answers, going hunting for himself and coming back empty, despite his knowledge of hunting and his skills as a top predator.

The only answer left was that Hanna’s family had placed a curse on the land as their blood spilled out onto it. The land was cursed, and the curse was being transferred somehow to the Thorne line, stealing pups’ lives, scaring away the once plentiful food.

Hanna knew that was not the case. The grown Thorne cubs were over hunting the forest, leaving carcasses behind so often that the scavengers couldn’t keep up, the over hunting was bad enough, and the lingering scent of death and decay was driving away the remaining prey. Hanna had grown up in these woods all her life, she knew the secret places, but even those were slim for choice and food with Darren and his ilk taking too much from the forest to sustain the growing pack.

Darren and the other Thornes refused to listen to Hanna however; she was just a lowly Croft after all, their prisoner by blood ties.

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