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Lichen Lagoon
Click image to view full. This territory is claimed as the packland for the Dawnmire Rescue.
Lichen Lagoon, much like the rest of the Dell, is notorious for its abundance in lichen. However, it is also well known for the pond that rests in the center of the terrain. Surrounded by evergreen trees, the Lagoon offers the feeling of safe-harbor and protection from the outside world. The water of the Lagoon is crystal clear, and can make depths uncertain since the bottom is easily visible. During the warmer months, the water is warm and abundant in fish- the shore being shallow, growing deeper the further you wade in. During the Winter season, the water in the Lagoon will freeze up with thick ice and becomes safe to cross.

A Gift From The Sorry [Josalyn]
Female · 3 · A Friend To All In Need
36 POSTS · PLAYER: Juniper
[OOC: For Josalyn, but another Dawnmire Rescue wolf is welcome.]

Pardin was completely sorry for what she did to Josalyn, the wolf who was apart of a pack across a lake. She didn't mean to scare her, she just wanted to meet new people. Pardin had been thinking for days about returning and saying sorry, but that would waste time. Just coming to say sorry was nice, yes, but she didn't have the time to just return to do that. So, she brought a gift.

Before, Pardin had collected several herbs along the way in a bladder. It was small, yes, but it contained several different herbs. Inside there lay a Great Burnet, some Juniper Berries, a bit of Winter Green, and some Hawthorn Berries. In another bladder, she carried some tree sap. She clenched both in between her teeth, carefully carrying them. Her pace was slow and steady as she made her way to the lake.

Pardin slowly came to a stop at the lake's edge, away from the pack. She clawed a small hole to hold her herb bladders and set the two bladders in it. She looked up to the blue sky and the sun, who was shining bright. It was mid-day, but it was still a bit cold. A soft breeze snaked it's way across Pardin's fur and lifted back into the sky, lifting the birds who flew higher. Pardin touched her nose to the sky and let out a howl. It started like a song but the message was clear. It called for Josalyn Montgomery, Keeper of Dawnmire Rescue. She held it for a few minutes before fading her voice to silent, returning the air to the noisy chirps and clicks of the birds. She took a breath and sat down, waiting for the Keeper.

Male · 5.5 YRS · Guardian of the Dawnmire Rescue.
Dawnmire Rescue
12 POSTS · PLAYER: gyl
Unlonelying! But backdated in his timeline.

He was already out and about today, hunting while the sun still lit the sky, when the call went out. It was clear that it was meant for the ears of his Keeper, but apart of him wanted to answer to it. Ever since Josalyn had been snatched from him a year and a half ago, every time he was out and a stranger called, he was always prone to wanting to answer it. Josalyn was stronger-willed now than she was when it'd happened, and she was glorious and beautiful in all of her capability. However, sometimes, the concern that she may fall prone to the desires of the wicked still haunted him.

It was for this reason that he dropped his task and sought out the sound, completely unaware of the interaction that had come between his mate and the wolf who called for her.

will arrive next round


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