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Twilight Zone [Cave Event]
Male · 2 · Junior Member
6 POSTS · PLAYER: Juniper
Saturn looked behind him, at Mercury. He shrugged his shoulders and glanced at Mars, saying 'I don't know, ask Mars' through body language. His pale yellow eyes once again searched the shadows, the writhing moving shadows. He finally noticed the color alighting in the room. The white, the brown, moving like snakes. He caught bits of the wolves around him, their bodies hidden in shadow. He could hear their breathes, he knew they were there, but he couldn't see them. Suddenly, a song drifted through his mind. It was soft, harder to hear than a leaf falling off a tree, but it was sweet. It was like a fresh meat, something so hypnotizing that Saturn couldn't resist. He disappeared into the darkness, down a tunnel so deep that light was no where to be found, but Saturn was being led. He knew where to go. He knew where to step, where not to. He turned down several different caves, ways so foreign but so familiar.

Female · 3 years · Miss sassypants
It was Mercury's voice that she heard first, and Mars shook her head in response, frowning. "Just..." she answered without turning back. "There's something here..." Quite what she meant, she had no idea - certainly not the promise of a new home. Shaking her head as if to shake off a fog, she turned now, realising that this was stupid. Opening her mouth, she was about to allow that they should turn back, when a voice caught her attention - faint but audible. Flawless French, and a voice that made her sigh in frustrated recognition. Marque. Then another voice, echoing from elsewhere in the cave. How many of them were here? "Marque?" she called. She was loathe to associate with him unless she had to, but in this strange situation with her skin prickling, it seemed wise to keep as many allies close as possible. Deserter he might be, but Mars knew the man well enough to know that he would never willingly harm her.

It was then that the feeling intensified and Mars gasped. Something was wrong here. Voices murmured through the cave, falling strangely dead when they hit the walls, rather than echoing like voices should. Head snapping around, Mars caught sight of a pale-coated stranger. She narrowed her eyes as he spoke, and shook her head as he began to move away, Saturn not far behind him. What in the heavens were they doing? Sure the song was pretty, but that which made it beautiful was exactly that which made it otherworldly. This was not something that they should be tangling with, so far as Mars could tell. Still, by the time she had realised what was happening, her brother was melting into the dark. With a frustrated sigh, she followed - they couldn't split up right now.


Male · 4Y 4M · Sweet-talking Flirt
17 POSTS · PLAYER: Storm

Marque's ears pricked up at the sounds of voices, voices that... weren't quite right. A shuffling of paws, too many to be of one wolf's movements, so there had to be more. Then, Mars called his name, it was definatly her voice.

He pressed on into the cave, looking around as best he could in the avalible light, until he spotted Mars, and that new Solaire, and... another guy? As he got closer, he recognized the other male as Mercury. "Bonjour Mercury." He greeted as he took up a space beside the firy-spirited Mars.

"Zis iz rather spooky, no?" he asked, following along with the other Solaire Kin. Another wolf was up ahead it looked like, fading into the growing shadows that the cave provided. It was not just Solaires here today.

Male · 3 Years · Prince
3 POSTS · PLAYER: Madison

A chill crawled its way down his spine. Why the fuck were his siblings delving deeper into this cave? There was something here? No shit. Mercury frowned tightly as he jogged after them, the tide up around his paws sloshing unsettlingly. He couldn't help but wonder where his knight was - why wasn't he here? Mercury would feel infinitely better had he Sao by his side, but unfortunately, his siblings were keen on sinking into the cave without waiting on reinforcements. Surely, if he died in here, Sao would be able to track his corpse into the shadows.

Marque's sudden arrival had started Mercury into lifting the fur on his spine, his teeth flashing with surprise. What the hell was he doing here?

Tempted to command the scorned knight to fall behind him, Mercury parted his jaws to say just that - until another shiver crawled its way up his spine. The Prince uttered a whimper, his tail falling as he hastened to walk closer to his siblings. Why could he just not shake the feeling that he was being watched?


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