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New Places, Old Faces
Female · 3.6 yrs · Princess.
Marque! (also Inteus if Annakah wants to throw him in!)

She'd done some exploring of the Vale, wandering it like a lost cause, drifting from place to place. It was only the other day that her ebony paws had stumbled onto a rosy patch of ground. The color calmed her, soothed her, made her feel like the wolf she longed to be. Onward she pressed until her small, lean frame was surrounded by a crimson woodland. Eager to call the place home, she'd taken the time to mark out territory for herself, as well as for her brother. It'd started small, just a few trees to mark out a diamond- an initial place to rest her head without fear that strangers may come close and disturb her rest. But the following day, she'd gone out and hunted, having brought home a large amount of leftovers. Burying her kill, she'd expanded her diamond even further out.

Today was no different, further out her paws reached and marked her scent among the trees. Soon she would call for her brother, soon she would seek out those who would want to join their dream to settle a pack here. But for now, she was content to harbor a place to herself. Even if she stood alone forever on, she'd be happy to have a little spot of land to call her own.

Winter was here, she could feel it in the cool breeze, feel it in the itch of her growing coat, feel it in the chill of the earth beneath her paws. The time of lust would be upon her soon enough, and the woman would only grow older in age- the way her limbs popped as she ran, the way she could no longer stretch to groom each inch of her fur. This season would be the year to adjust her goals, even if ever the slightest. She had the future to think about, her lineage and legacy. If she should live to see herself and Inteus to accomplish their goal, there would need to be offspring to hand the leadership down to.

Andromeda Vaughns had a goal in mind, she was determined to fulfill it before the warm season set in.

[Image: 5zPxR3j.png]

Male · 4Y 4M · Sweet-talking Flirt
17 POSTS · PLAYER: Storm
(Aaay, here comes trouble! in the RIGHT thread this time XD )

Well his year could have been going better. Didn't know his own most recent kids, no pack, Found Mars, his beautiful princess, but she was far too angry at him to even try to be friends again right now. Imagin his shock, then, when he came across a somewhat familiar scent cutting across the land.

This was the scent of that lovely lady, the one before his Cala-belle. Andromeda, the one who he'd tried to out-flirt a rival male for. When had she arrived here?

he paused and looked around, not seeing anyone at first, so he let out a questioning howl, just to see if he could get any replies.

Female · 3.6 yrs · Princess.
She was trailing her diamond, her set space among the trees, lapping the newly-stretched corners she'd marked out. For now, she scratched up against the thin and skinny trunks of the trees, leaving her scent against the bark. The feel of the smooth trees against her fur was comforting, and she hastened her pace as she marched to each of the four corners, the beginning of her season nagging her to seek the relief of having company. But having spent the last week alone here, surrounded by the skimping branches of ruby, it felt as if she she'd have to settle for the company of the flora she now called her home.

Somewhere, lingering nearby, was a familiar scent. It wasn't one she could place quickly, or easily- the memory of it so distance, so long ago, so brief that it barely remained in her mind. But as she scanned through all the wolves she met, the ebony wolf recalled a brief time when she'd been miles from the Copse, by the side of a pond, entertained by two rogue males who bickered over her attention. She could place the scent now, the male who spoke with a certain tongue that Andromeda had never heard anywhere else, a tongue and tone she believed she'd never hear spoken again.

A curious howl sounded, and the woman's ears perked up. She halted, mid-stride- he must be nearer than she thought, he'd probably caught her scent the way she had caught his. Her eyes wide, she let out a bark to let him know she was nearby. It was curious that he too, had traveled all this way. She wondered what his reason was for crossing all this way. It would be good to catch up and ask, and maybe even be entertained by the same flirtatious manner that she'd been greeted with the first time they'd met.

[Image: 5zPxR3j.png]

Male · 4Y 4M · Sweet-talking Flirt
17 POSTS · PLAYER: Storm

Marque listened for a reply, and a bark came back to him. He followed where it had come from, sniffing at things along the way, the smell of female growing stronger the closer he got.

"Did ze stars fall from zeir heavenly place again, or do Je smell a different set of stars on ze wind?" he called out sweetly, already slipping into a better mood. Company would be welcome, and if she were willing, maybe a little fun as well? A guy could only hope. A bit of fun would certiantly do his sour mood a load of good, and the scent of her he was picking up was good enough reason to hope.

Female · 3.6 yrs · Princess.
His sense of humor put a friendly smile on her lips, just as it had when they'd originally met a couple years previous. Everything about him familiar, even from the distance between them. She remembered the day she'd met him, and how he'd put on quite the charade against the other male to win her affections- even going as far as attempting to seduce the other male. It'd been a comical afternoon, followed by a venture to the coastline before they'd said their goodbyes.

The world was a small place, and by his presence, she felt it grew smaller by the day.

She couldn't help but chuckle as he came into view, breaking from the trees towards the diamond she'd been lapping. Part of her felt like barking in agitation, hoping to keep the small little space she'd claimed to herself well-guarded. But, somewhere within her, hormones drove her desires, hoping he'd push through her boundaries- both personal, and physical. She was in heat, and against what her normal snippy behavior was, she found herself at a loss to put up any sort of argument for having come so close.

"What a world we live in!" she remarked, a small, tight-lipped smile wound tightly on her expression. "How funny to see you again! It's been quite some time........"

Andromeda trailed off, hoping that she'd remember his name as she spoke. But no such name came to mind, nothing especially notable. Briefly, she pondered if they'd even exchanged the first time, or if they'd just spent the whole day seducing one another with casual flirtations. Would the day be spent the same way now, years forward from the first time they'd met?

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