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Crow meandered lazily through the territory of her new home, which, now that winter was coming upon them, was starting to become more bearable for her dark coat. She enjoyed the desert scenery of her new home as she walked, not quite all that used to it. She was used to forests and trees, various colors and shades, the sky almost blotted out by trees, shrubs everywhere. Not saying that the desert wasn't beautiful, it was just a change of scenery. With all its reds and ochres and yellows and browns, it was as if someone had painted the colors of fall onto the landscape, and forgot to take it off once the difference seasons came around.

She returned from the land of her deep thoughs, and stopped. While she had been in the coalition for several weeks now, she realized she had only grown accustomed to Tala's company. Maybe she should try to socialize with the other members of her pack? Yeah, that sounded like a good idea.

She let out a howl, a howl to say, 'Hey, anyone wanna meet the new gal?'

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It was another boring day spent under his mother's watchful eye and Fitz was growing restless. Sure, his mom wasn't exactly watching him now, but any time he got up to go explore, there she was. It was like she had some kind of radar that he might be having fun and was there to ruin it. Sure, she offered to play with him, but she was always so worried about him overdoing it or being was exhausting. Today, however, he had a plan.

Mom had left early that morning for some pack thing and now was his chance to get out and explore. Slowly he crept to the den entrance and looked around. A call sounded nearby and he turned toward it, expecting to find his mother. Instead, he found nothing but wide open oasis and the call to adventure. Creeping away as quickly as possible, Fitz broke into a sprint as soon as he felt comfortable and ran towards the wolf who made the call. Amber eyes kept looking behind him, expecting to see his mother hot on his trail but the area was empty. He'd be worried if he wasn't so relieved to finally get some adventure time without her watching his every move.

Coming upon the tall black wolf, Fitz slowed and sniffed the area. She smelled like home but he didn't know her nor had he seen her yet. Moving cautiously forward, the tall pup's tail wagged slightly behind him as he greeted the new she-wolf. "Hiya Miss...I'm Fitz 'Qui. Who are you? Wanna be my friend?"



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