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Full Winter; AY1

Late Winter: January 1

Early Winter brings cold weather to Avalon! Light snowshowers and cloudy skies are beginning to be frequent! Temperatures are dropping, meaning frost and ice is beginning to form all over the Vale! Plants will begin to shrivel, hide, and die. Prey is starting to grow less abundant.
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Fern Gully
Click image to view full. Fern Gully is a wide and shallow river that flows from the small creeks and streams that connect to the Lagoon and the main river that flows throughout the Vale. Notorious for its abundance in fern-like plants, the Gully seems to have become overrun with it. Due to its dense plant-life, the Gully can provide shade during the warmer months although can become quite humid. During the colder months, the Gully can reach freezing temperatures, the water quick to transform into ice. There is little aquatic-life in the Gully, due to how shallow the water level, and is easy to crack when frozen.

jionorn | the pale yellow of sunlight in winter
Male · 4 Years · Toxinologist
[ AY 2 | Full Winter | Fern Gully | For Magdalena ]

Thick snow blanketed the Gully, its river frozen over completely. Stark against the winter white was an ashen impurity. It was hunched over and alone, staring into the ice, the green of the Gully alive within its acrid eyes; and it was so immobile that it may have been mistaken for a gargoyle, taken watch over its place on the riverbank. Snow was beginning to dust its back, but its fur was thick and primed for such weather. It was lost in thought and as frozen as the winterland around it.

Its home was many miles from here. As its eyes shifted sharply against edges of cracked ice, it pictured the tundra and the glaciers, the dark furred shapes of its family, the leviathans in the sea; it imagined the ceremonies of death at the icy shores, the father it was denied for the selfishness of its mothers, the lies of past misfortunes; its venom curled against its heart, and yet, it longed to return someday. Since childhood, its partner in life—the coldfire dragon—was its purpose; and her purpose was to thrive, to win, to conquer. It was only Lárus, the black wings that would carry her there; he was Lárus. Nothing would stand in her way. Everything Lárus achieved thus far was for her; everything he endured, learned, destroyed. This world would be Siberian's.

His head lifted to view the sky, squinting against the brightness of the sun through the thin clouds.

But he was still Lárus, which meant sometimes his absences were sudden and unaccounted for. If Siberian received messages from him in the form of certain flowers, it was a clue on what he may have been doing; sometimes he may have left ravens with the plants. When he took jobs beyond the territory of their stay—which is where he felt the most comfortable doing them now, since they did settle in the Vale—he wouldn't say where or what. When he returned, it was not an immediate return to her or to Josalyn. His return an endeavor itself.

The clouds parted and blinded him, washing him in total blackness as he squeezed his eyes shut and turned his head away from the sky.


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