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Frequently Asked Questions!
Female · 21 yrs · Site Owner

Here you can find questions that are frequently asked to Staff! Should you have any questions, you're more than welcome to see if they're answered here! If not, you can ask a member of Staff, and even suggest that it go up here!

F.A.Q. - noun; computing - a list of questions and answers relating to a particular subject, especially one giving basic information for users of a website.

What is Avalon?
A simple, semi-realistic, play-by-post wolf roleplay website.

Can I play a non-wolf character?
We currently do not accept characters that are not wolves.

Can I bring in my character from another website?
Yes, you definitely can!

Can I bring in a character of mine that I use to play a long time ago?
Yes! If you have another character that you use to play a long time ago, a character from another site, even a character that died somewhere, you can bring them all here! Avalon is all about giving characters a second chance at something new!

How do I join and which account do I join with?
When joining, register an OOC Account (a personal profile), and from there you can immediately go straight to filling out a character application! While you wait for your application to be accepted, register a second account for your character (the username will be the character's first name!!). Once your account has been accepted, a brand new account title will show up on the character account! After that, feel free to start roleplaying!

Does your site use currency or do I have to buy anything?
NO! Everything on Avalon is open for free. We currently do not have any kind of system dealing with any kind of currency. Nothing in-game, or out of game, needs to be purchased.

Does your site offer any in game special items?
We do not offer any in game special items, whether it be weapons, super powers or special markings.

Does this site have a word count?
Nope! Staff here at Avalon don't believe in such a thing! Although word counts are great for some roleplays and work well for other sites, we do not have a word count here.

Can I pick my pack and my mate here?
Kind of, and kind of not! That sounds confusing, but Avalon is an ooc optional roleplay, meaning that some people will want everything and anything to develop naturally. Others may want their characters to definitely form or end up in a pack, or specifically find a mate and have puppies! Since we're ooc optional, feel free to ooc plan some stuff, but following along with the rules, remember that not everything can or will go according to plan! You can choose for yourself, but please remember, and respect, that other members want their character's stories to develop organically.

What is a read-only post, and am I allowed to make them?
Read-Only posts are those that are typically written to explain why a character went inactive, how or why a character died, or basically fill in offscreen information so that the action made by the character makes sense in roleplay. Most importantly, these read-only posts help everyone understand that whatever happened to the character is canon and definite. We do accept read-only posts!

How many accounts can I have?
As many as you can keep up with! Every user has a personal OOC Account, and then sub-accounts for their characters. One account per character.

What is the difference between Unsorted Accounts and Awaiting Activation Accounts?
Unsorted Accounts are the accounts that have been made but have yet to be sorted by an Admin, either because Staff hasn't seen that the account was made just yet, or hasn't had time to get to it yet. Awaiting Activation Accounts are those that have been made that Staff has put through a pending process until a character application has been made, or until an account for that character has been created and filled out.

How many characters can I play?
As many as you can keep active! If this means only one, or you want to play five, ten, or more, that's up to you!

What is canon and what isn't canon on Avalon?
Any categories under 'OOC,' 'Joining,' or 'Maintenance' is not canon. Everything else is!

Are there Activity Checks?
Yes, we hold Activity Checks once per subseason, at the end of the subseason. This isn't to delete any characters, this is to make sure Staff is keeping up with sorting characters properly (for instance, if a character needs to be added to a pack or marked as deceased). It's also so Staff can see how much the site progresses.

What if my character goes inactive?
All you will need to do is post again with them, either by making a new thread or posting in someone else's active thread, and then posting the link in our Maintenance Board. Then your character will be active again!

I like the site, but there are a few things I would change.
Cool with us! Come pop in a suggestion to our Food for Thought Board!

I'm having a bug with the site.
Come report it to our Error Reports board!

I am having trouble with another member on site. What should I do?
REPORT IT TO STAFF IMMEDIATELY. While we do highly encourage free-speech on the chatbox, and some people may not be happy with this, if you are being specifically targeted by another member out of game for something, message Staff immediately so that we may handle the situation appropriately.

Who is Staff?
Currently, we have five members of Staff! You can click here!! to view the Staff Information page!

Gyl || Site Owner
Madison || Site Architect
CJ || Site Coder
Lindsay || Site Maintenance Administrator
Annakah || Site General Administrator
Former Staff Include: Jeames and Lea!

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