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Sunshine Shore
Click image to view full. The shoreline is highly impressive in it's massiveness, stretching around the coastline of the entirety of the Vale. The shore is mostly comprised of rocks around the more narrow lengths towards the mountains, but the further south one travels, the more wide the shoreline begins to grow, as well as the more pale the sand grows. It is dark and dirt like closest to the mountains, growing to a pure white in coloration around the Carmine Sahara and the Evergreen Dell. It grows less and less rocky the further south one travels, giving plenty of space to frolic, play and relax. The weather around the shoreline varies, growing warmer and more rainy as you travel south, and more cold and dry the further north you travel.

come right in, the water is warm! [calling tara/all welcome!]
Male · 1.9 YEARS · Lost Boy.
45 POSTS · PLAYER: gyl
The winter was at last over. It was something he could tell from the way his skin itched. His fur was gradually shedding it's typical thickness, leaving him back to the tall and lanky boy he was. Except, there was something different in the air. He was no longer a boy, but a yearling. An adult, somehow. After everything he'd gone through, he was here and alive, not something he had expected at some point back. Ferris wished his siblings were here to join in the feeling with them, and wistfully he wondered if they were even alive, perhaps even thriving, back in the old valley. If they'd found mates or had children or had joined or started their own lives. If they were any better off now that they were apart.

Agouti paws trailed along the shore, lost in thought, until he looked down at the sand below. Prints formed along his track, and now his paws were covered in the sand. It wasn't unusual- Ferris had gone countless days without a bath, finding a sort of peace and resolve in being coated down to the bone in sand and brine. Somehow he felt more alive and himself than he ever had.

During the Winter season, he'd been mostly cooped up alone by the shoreline, tucked away in a small cove outstretched from the sea line, waiting away the cold. Other days, he'd gone up to visit his great uncle Skuld. And even rarer days, he'd traveled to the Dawnmire Rescue's borders to spend an afternoon with Tara, Icarus, or the pups. When he retreated after a long day's play back to his cove, apart of him lingered there with his friends, beating himself up every step of the way back as to why he didn't stay. But as soon as he reached the never-ending stretch of sky and sea, breathing in the salty air, he was always happy to have returned. He wondered if they'd ever want to come and be here with him, instead.

Lifting up his jaw to the sky, he sent out a loud howl for them, hoping they would enjoy a nice warm day at the beach. He especially hoped, and looked forward to, the idea of Tara spending the day with him here. Tail wagging, his navy eyes scanned the sea, and daringly, he stepped into the tide as it pushed outward. Warm water splashed at his ankles and knees, filling him with excitement. Today was going to be an excellent day for swimming!


Female · 1.1 years · Snow Maiden
45 POSTS · PLAYER: Storm
Ferris was in luck, Tara had decided to visit Ferris' beloved beach instead of waiting for his next Visit. Mom hadn't let her go off alone with him during the winter, but it was spring now, she could travel again, and her firs choice of locaton to visit hadn't even needed a second though.

The agouti boy had been on her mind a lot over the past winter, every time he came to visit she'd been extreamly happy, and when he had to leave again she had to pretend everything was fine when all she wanted was five more minuets, and then five more after that maybe.

She was close enough to hear Ferris' howl, and she sent up a reply of her own, breaking into a run to go meet up with him., tail wagging happily behind her and ears pricked forward. "Ferris!! Ferris, Hey!!"


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