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Avalon Year Two Pup Adoptions [Late Spring 2018]!
Female · 21 yrs · Site Owner
Instructions: To adopt a puppy character, contact the parent players through Private Messaging with the following information:
✧Character Name
✧Why're you interested in this character?
✧What do you envision for this character's future?
✧Roleplay sample

Two Confirmed Litters!
02/05 pups available

Marque "Crimson Flame" Deimos ♂ x Andromeda "Andy" Vaughns ♀

Xerxes Deimos-Vaughns ♂ - Adopted by Gyl
Rochelle Deimos-Vaughns ♀ - available

Memphis Montgomery ♂ x Josalyn Montgomery nee Vedi ♀

Hudson Montgomery ♂ - Adopted by Madison
Churchill Montgomery ♂ - available
Nimueh Montgomery ♀ - Adopted by Gyl

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Female · 21 yrs · Site Owner
Marque "Crimson Flame" Deimos (nee Flame) and Andromeda "Andy" Vaughns


Two years previous to Avalon Year One, the pair met in a valley on the other, far side of the country. Andromeda, with a mission to find her brother, and Marque, with a mission to find a mate. They met by a lake during the Early Winter, just as hormones were beginning to surge through the season. When the two met, they immediately began to flirt- Marque, or as he was known by his alias "Crimson Flame," just for his pure gain of fun, and Andy reciprocating due to pride. During their meeting, another male joined, and Marque spent the afternoon both charming his way into Andromeda's graces, and taking it upon himself to rival the other male by flirting with him as well. Enjoying their company, the three traveled together and spent their evening together by the coastline. Each with their own mission, they split paths by dawn. Years later, as fate should have it, their paths crossed again. They met again here in Avalon, each immediately fond of the other and recollecting the joy of the afternoon. In the midst of flirtation and the being caught in the fierce middle of Andy's heat season, the two decided to spend the rest of their evening in the company of the other. As Early Spring came around, their paths now divided once more, Andromeda discovered she was pregnant and hopes to seek Marque out to inform him, and gain a trusted friend and/or ally, but Marque has quite a few children of his own!

Adopting a Marque and Andromeda baby would mean certain uncertainty for the children and parents! Andromeda hopes to form her own pack or find one to settle in, while Marque has rediscovered his copious amount of siblings here in the valley.

Xerxes Deimos-Vaughns
Adopted by Gyl!

Persona: Xerxes takes much after the characteristic of his mother, but with more fierceness than she. At an early age, he will be keen to explore and ask questions, showing rebellious traits even as a pup. When he grows, this will only grow into a sense of carelessness, apathy and arrogance. He will be known as a Momma's boy as a pup, following her every step and learning all he can from her, but this will turn eventually in his youth to a point where he will either want to be her equal, or usurp her. The only wolf he will fiercely care for is his sister, vowing an oath to himself that he will guide her and protect her at any cost, even if it means lies and manipulation in order to gain her respect and trust.

Physicality: Xerxes will surpass his mother in size, taking on the rather tall and broad look of his father. However, he will retain his mother's sleek and downy ebony fur with deep chocolate undertones. His eyes will be a dark brown in coloration, but as he ages into a young adult, they will brighten into a bright golden color. His most notable physical attribute will be the single patch of white fur around his muzzle, striking against his dark frame.

Rochelle Deimos-Vaughns

Persona: Rochelle is much like her father, and very unlike the other half of her family. Kind, playful, cheery- she is often the polar opposite of her brother and mother. At a young age, she will be more pure of heart with innocent intent, content to just be and explore. As Rochelle ages, she will take on some of the characteristics of her parents, especially that of her father. A natural flirt, she loves to engage in banter, showering in any reciprocation. She will hold on to a lot of that same pride that her parents and brothers do, but will often still enjoy the finer, happier things in life, eager to please and easy to amuse. She can be quite compassionate and thoughtful, but doesn't really think much on the matters of the heart- not that she's incapable or chooses not to, love is just never really her priority (although this is applicable to change, should she meet the right wolf who vibes well with her)! Rochelle is often the leader of all playtimes when it comes to her brother, or anyone else for that matter. But she respects and adores his quiet affection and trusts him with her life. Much different than her mother, they often butt heads, and although she always tries to break through resentment, it is hard for her to push past the wall of their differences. It is a common occurrence for her to complain about such matters, but often doing so in the hopes she will find motivation to continue to form a bond. As a young adult, she will often be curious if she is anymore like her father and will travel around in the hopes of finding him, and in doing so, find herself.

Physicality: As a pup, Rochelle will look like a fur-ball of whites, creams and beige, rather boring in appearance. As she matures, this will change greatly. Her coat will take on similar colors and markings as her father. She will retain the whites and creams on the lower half of her body, turning into a pale ginger color by the paws. Charcoal grays, bright silvers, and pale blacks will mark her back and sides. Her eyes as a pup will be noticeably dull and dirt colored, but as she ages, it will brighten and turn into a striking amber-rust in color. Her most notable factor can be easily seen as a pup, a ginger crown marking her forehead and pointing between her eyes. As she ages and her coat darkens, this feature will only be enhanced into a half-mask of gray, gently glossing to meet at her nose instead, cupping her muzzle and winging out as a strike against her cheek bones and just below her eyes.

Onscreen Family: Inteus Vaughns (maternal uncle).

Offscreen Family:
Step Siblings and their Mothers
Marque - Ylana :: Eldest Siblings :: Gabriel (stepbrother) // Michelle (stepsister)
Marque - Rachel :: Second Eldest Siblings :: Ebony (stepsister) // Charcoal (stepbrother) // Spark (stepbrother)
Marque - Calamity :: Elder Siblings :: Pierre (stepbrother) // Silver-Belle (stepsister)

Blaise - Sister-in-Law
Pierre - Blaise :: Nephews :: Percival and Bayley
Calamity - Brynn :: Step-Siblings by 'Marriage' :: Junior (stepbrother) // Faithful (stepsister) // Albus (stepbrother) // Courage (stepbrother)

[Image: VJc8T0F.gif]
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Female · 21 yrs · Site Owner
Memphis Montgomery and Josalyn (nee Vedi) Montgomery


Two years previous to Avalon Year One, a lone wolf met a young pack wolf. Memphis, lost and alone with having known nothing else all his life, met a young Medic who had devoted her life to her Chief, packmates and her practice. During the cool spring months, Memphis happened upon her pack's borders and was met by Josalyn. The two immediately took to each other- he enjoyed her warm personality, she enjoyed his mystery. The two began to see each other often, sharing in stories and learning more and more about each other as Memphis took up residence just outside the packlands. The more they saw each other, the more Josalyn inspired Memphis to have a cause and a place to call home. In the Autumn season, Memphis joined her pack, devoting himself to his new family, and in and of itself, to Josalyn herself. As Winter progressed, the two found more company with each other, learning of the other's pasts, and how together, they could lean and rely on each other to grow from those experiences. The following Spring, a year later, Josalyn decided to travel around the valley and meet other pack Medics and form a trade and share committee in order to learn more from each other and help those in need. Memphis traveled alongside Josalyn, but when she began to extend her stay with one pack, he returned home to report to their Chief. While he was gone, Josalyn went on to continue her journey, and was kidnapped by a rogue, malicious cousin. As time passed and she did not return home, Memphis left the pack in search for her. When he found her, she was heavily injured, starved and dehydrated, and highly traumatized. Memphis staked out the campsite, and when the opportunity arose, he rescued Josalyn. In fear that should they return home, she would be relocated, they decided to leave the valley and travel onward.

In the late Autumn and early Winter seasons, Josalyn began to heal emotionally, Memphis with her every step of the way. One night, after a long day of travel, they discovered Lichen Lagoon, and decided to settle there for the sake of rest, the beauty of the Lagoon, and the security the sheltering woods offered. That very night, Memphis declared his feelings and adoration for her, and smitten with his southern charm, the two decided to become mates. Somehow, soon after, they were met by two yearlings from their old home who had traveled all that way to find her. Together, the four of them decided to claim the Lagoon officially for themselves as a pack, promoting the strong Medic to being the pack leader, the Keeper of the Dawnmire Rescue. Happy with their founding and growth, the two decided to start a family. In the Spring of Avalon Year One, Josalyn became a mother of two pups: Thaddeus and Serafina Montgomery. A newly-fledged mother, with a new set of obstacles, the Montgomery family was faced with a new trial: old faces from the past and from the old valley began to show up- those loyal to Josalyn herself and the strong, optimistic personality she possessed. The pack began to grow, slowly but surely. The following Winter, this only cemented their happiness together there at the Lagoon, and in an act of reaffirmation for their mutual love for another, Memphis and Josalyn decided to grow their own little family.

Adopting a Memphis and Josalyn baby would mean that the pup would be born into a formed pack on Avalon, meaning lots of interaction with pack members and with their parents. This litter has siblings already on site who are devoted to their parents, pack, to each other, and the same would go for their newest siblings.

Hudson Montgomery
Adopted by Madison!

Persona: Hudson is the most like his father in personality- a real southern gentleman. Kind, chivalrous, brave, active, bold- he often likes to play the hero. He takes it as a sense of responsibility to help others and do his best to save them from anything bad in life. With a pure heart of gold, Hudson prides himself on his duty to his pack, his parents, his siblings, and whatever responsibility he holds within that unit. He thrives being adored and appreciated by others, and therefore is outwardly social and charismatic.

Physicality: As a puppy, Hudson will be rather small, but will grow into the same large and strong frame build as his father. He will be coated with dark russet markings along his back, sides and legs- alongside a distinct crown marking. A white mask around his eyes will cover the rest of his face and continue down his chest and belly. As he matures, the russet will fade and blend with the white, giving him a slightly more dark gold color like his mother, almost a burnt orange shade that hues an even darker and more vibrant than Josalyn, that will cover the entirety of his body. His white face mask will fade out, covering only along his jawline and muzzle. As a pup, his eyes will be a warm chocolate color, but as an adult, they will turn into a bright and piercing amber color.

Churchill Montgomery

Persona: Probably the most quiet of his litter, or even all of his siblings, Churchill is incredibly bright and clever. He has a gentle nature about him, highly reserved and often secluding himself. However, he possesses the same wit and quick learning skills as his mother, often spending his solitude within deep nature, observing the life around him and their purposes. He takes after his mother in keen interest in learning herbs and their medicinal uses. When those around him take the time to get to know him, he can be quite outspoken about his thoughts and opinions of the world around him, and can be found with a wide smile and hearty laugh. He especially enjoys the company of his parents and siblings, and can be found either spending family time with his parents, or trailing after his siblings on their adventures.

Physicality: As a young pup, his fur will take the same pure alabaster shade as his father. When he grows, his coat will take on the same look as his paternal grandfather's. Thick year-round, dark black and charcoal gray splotches mark his back, sides and legs with light splatter across the back of his head. Growing to the save average height as his mother, they will nearly match each other in size, but ultimately will still be dwarfed by his littermates. As a pup, his eyes will be pale gold in color, rather unlike his siblings- but as their brighten up, his will grow darker into a deep, soft brown color!

Nimeuh Montgomery
Adopted by Gyl!

Persona: Nimeuh is very much a tomboy, of sorts. A social butterfly, she seeks constant interaction with others. Active and easily persuadable, Nimeuh often goes along with the plans of others, either just to feel included, or to experience something new. She is not one to wander off alone, and wouldn't strive for lone adventures. Surrounded by three brothers, she adores her sister and often looks to her for advice, inspiration and trust. She respects her sister incredibly and looks to her as a role model. However, with so many brothers, she would not turn down an offer to go rough-house or play, and wouldn't hesitate to play in the mud with them.

Physicality: As a young pup, Nimueh will be the most stocky and broad of her siblings. However, as she matures, she will twin her father's figure with tall, muscular limbs and a sleek, sturdy frame. As a pup, her coat will be primarily pale gold with cream undertones and markings. As she matures, this will only darken into a dusty golden color, just a hue paler in coloration than her mothers. As a young pup, her eyes will be a soft brown color, but as she ages, they will match the same bright amber color of her father.

Onscreen Family: Memphis Montgomery (dad), Josalyn Montgomery (mom), Serafina Montgomery (older sister), Thaddeus Montgomery (older brother), Phoenix Montgomery (paternal aunt).

Offscreen Family: Orion Vedi (maternal uncle), Nephilim Vito (maternal uncle), Bronte Vito (maternal uncle), Goliad Vedi (adopted maternal second-cousin).

[Image: VJc8T0F.gif]
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